A stray cat brings his family to the police station.

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One day, a stray cat breaks into a police station, meows for help, and decides to make the station his home.

This beautiful tortoiseshell cat must have a bond with the officers at the Busan Police Station in South Korea.


When it returned, the same officers were on duty and they soon realized it was pregnant again.

The officers loved her so much they named her “Moran,” which means “I don’t know.”

They thought the name was appropriate because they didn’t know how old she was or where she came from.

When she was ready to give birth, staff set up a “birthing room” for her under the couch and helped cut the kittens’ umbilical cords.

She gave birth to four kittens in total and the station became their final home.

Whenever a package is delivered to the station, the cats take a nap on it.

This friendly family of cats worked with the police to help them in their work.

Everyone at the police station fell in love with this cat family and they became the mascot of the station.

They were well cared for, well fed, played with, and raised in a loving environment.

As a result, these adorable cats became the first police cat family in the country.

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