A cat finds a special person to save him from an abusive life

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I have always believed that every cat has the ability to love. All it takes is one special person to see something in them that no one else can or wants to see. As we all know, the world is a cruel place. Spike is undoubtedly such a cat. I came across his story in a cat group on Facebook, and just seeing his picture, I was mesmerized by him. But reading the words of the man in the photo touched my heart and made me want to learn more about this kitten who survived abuse. Spike was a ginger tabby cat who lived with humans who loved him and good friends who were also cats. But fate has brought him to his current living situation with a human who has a good heart and has never given up on him.

This is Spike’s story as told by Bali, an amazing woman who gave Spike the chance to love and be loved. (Spoiler alert*: hold on to your tissues)


I had a cat named Marty for about a year. I didn’t really want another cat, but I saw a group post on Facebook about Spike and was immediately drawn to him. The posts were about the same things: Spike’s legs were injured and he walked funny, his tail was clipped and he was so skinny that birds wanted to take him for food. What’s more, Spike is FIV+, and the rescue organization said that Spike could only be adopted if he was the only pet in the household. Nonetheless, I decided to contact the rescue organization to see if I could meet him. At first, they told me it would be best for a home with no other pets. I told them that I understood the risks involved and that I was really interested. About a week later, the rescue organization got back to me and asked if I was still interested in meeting Spike.

Here’s a screenshot of Spike’s story that tugs at my heartstrings:

Needless to say, it was love at first sight for us!

One night about a month after we got Spike, I came home from dinner and immediately saw Spike vomiting blood all over the house and having trouble breathing. Since it was a Saturday night, I immediately took him to the emergency vet. When the emergency vet began his consultation, I was told that it would cost $1,000 just to do the necessary tests and that whatever Spike’s abnormality was, it was most likely related to FIV. The vet also told him that if he didn’t receive treatment, there was a good chance he wouldn’t survive, and even if he did, it would all happen again. The vet almost immediately recommended that Spike be euthanized. I told the vet I wanted to continue with the tests, and the vet reluctantly agreed: after a few days in the emergency room and countless tests, it was discovered that Spike had a heart condition that is very rare among cats. The only hope was that the cat would survive the insect carcass. His attending veterinarian said it was likely that the FIV+ had caused his immune system to slow down and not be able to fight off the heartworms. Once again, Spike proved to be a true warrior, and he was able to go home in a few days.

Fast forward to today…

Spike is now about four years old and we adopted him over two years ago. At first, he was very timid, especially with loud noises and strangers. Despite his nervousness, he is very gentle and sweet, which always makes me very sad. Despite his fear, he never scratches or bites. I quickly became good friends with my other cat, Marty. I always cleaned up after Marty and always fed him first. Spike was my shadow and followed me everywhere. He always wanted to give love and be loved.

In addition, the rescue organization that initially refused to foster Spike because he had FIV has changed its entire rescue policy: research into FIV continues, and thanks to amazing success stories like Spike’s, they are now able to allow cats with FIV to live a normal life with their other feline friends Support the program.

Spike and Marty

Looking back, I can’t believe we almost lost Spike because one of our doctors neglected to diagnose and treat him. …… I can’t believe I almost lost Spike… And to think I almost lost him.

Spike is very special and I don’t want to live up to his greatness.

Besides Barry, Spike has other special people who support him. Barry would like to thank the following people

The lady who fostered Spike before I took him in was a veterinarian who did a wonderful job of caring for Spike and helping him. She also immediately took charge of Spike’s care in the emergency room and took extra care of him after an initial run-in with the doctor. The rescue organization I adopted Spike from also helped me raise funds to cover some of his medical expenses.

Does your cat have a great rescue story like Spike’s? If so, we’d love to hear it.

Stories like Spike’s show us that sometimes in life you need a special person to believe in you. To be sure, every cat deserves a chance to feel special.

If this story resonates with you, please share it with other cat lovers.

Special thanks to Evan and Bali for allowing us to share Spike’s story. May Spike’s happiness continue.

All Images Courtesy of Bari Bridges

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