Why do cats walk sideways?

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Cats do a lot of super cute things. When frightened, they roll onto their backs and huff and puff. They knead us with their paws and make us feel all warm and fuzzy inside. They have another adorable move. That adorable sideways leap that makes our hearts pound. Have you ever wondered why our feline friends make such silly gestures? Read on to find out why cats sometimes make us smile with their adorable sideways leaps.

First of all, what is a side walk?


Some people might call this side-walking cat walk the crab walk! Of course, if you watch the YouTube video, you’ll understand better.

This little cutie is on her way to becoming a master crab walker!

Your feline friends are playful by nature. For them, this adorable crustacean-like action occurs when they get excited or something triggers their innate desire to play. Don’t be fooled by cold and distant cats. My big cat, Mr. Purple, is nine years old and still does this a lot! The most typical is when he plays with my Chihuahua.

Many cats also like to do sideways jumps when they see their reflection in the mirror. One of the most endearing qualities of cats is their reflexes, so it’s fun to watch them do this when they think they’re scaring the cat in the mirror. Because they think they are scaring the cat in the mirror!

Cats usually jump sideways when they are startled.

Cats jump to the side because they are suddenly startled by something. Not all cats are naturally timid, and some may be more likely to jump sideways than others. However, young cats that are learning to adapt to the world seem to be more likely to creep. This is because the world is an unfamiliar place and they must learn to distinguish between what is safe and what is a potential threat. When cats do this, they curl up to make themselves look bigger and more threatening. However, when they realize that the potential threat isn’t actually a threat at all, they scatter in excitement – the adorable crab walk.

Dr. Sharon Crowell-Davis writing on VetStreet.com. When a cat makes this face, it’s basically saying, “I’m scared of you, but if you come near me again, I’m ready to defend myself.”

Want to make a cat happy? Try getting on all fours and creeping up to your cat. Don’t be surprised if the cat flies up and pounces on you.

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