Does your cat like to “frog sit”? Understanding Frog Sitting in Cats

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Of all the things cats do, my favorite by far is “frog sitting”. Both of my cats do this adorable frog-sitting … . I am sure many of you have cats that do the same frog-sitting! Not sure what frog-sitting is? It is a frog-like pose. This pose is done with the legs out to the side or straight out behind you. If you want to get our attention, you can do it with just one leg. But whatever pose the cat chooses, it is very cute!

Dogs often like to do these cute things too. Corgis are the most notorious “spitters” of canines. Both dogs and cats do this for a variety of reasons. Here’s everything you need to know about this adorable behavior of cats!


Oh, it feels so good!

We all know that cats are lovers of comfort. What about flexibility? You’ve probably seen them put their feet behind their head while grooming! In other words, cats choose to “splotch” not only because it feels good, but also because it relaxes and stretches them. It’s like a yoga pose for cats!

However, if your cat is younger or in better shape, sprotting may be easier. An older or more affectionate cat can certainly splotch, but it may be a little harder to master.

Ah, now that’s better!

If the cat is hot, panting is the way to go. Like dogs, cats sweat through their paw pads. When it’s hot, cats enjoy rolling around on cold tile, wood or concrete floors because it releases heat from their bodies and cools them down.

They can do whatever they want.

Well, all joking aside, cats do what they always like to do! Cats “spit” because they are good at twisting and bending their bodies, which is downright painful for us. Kittens and young cats are more prone to “frog-sitting” because of their loose joints, but in fact any cat can do this lovely “frog-sitting”.

Variations of cat-sitting

  • Seiza: The most popular frog sit, in which both of the cat’s back legs are extended backward.
  • Side Stirrup: One back leg is extended out to the side and the other back leg is placed inside.
  • Half-stirrup: one hind leg extended straight out and the other leg tucked under the belly.

Cat “stirrups” don’t scare you, nor do they “break bones” that you have to worry about. You just have to enjoy it in all its glory and, of course, take lots of pictures to share with cat lovers around the world.

Morty Ramos

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