Seven telltale signs that your cat is happy

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As devoted cat mums and dads, we love nothing more than knowing our feline friend is healthy and happy. Since cats are stoic creatures, it can sometimes be difficult for us to know how they are doing. We know there are telltale signs that a cat is lonely or depressed, but what about signs that your cat is happy? There are certain signs that your cat is signaling to you that he or she is happy. Just read on to find out what they are!

Here are 7 telltale signs that your cat is happy…..


When your cat sees you, it starts purring.

Grumbling is used for many reasons, but it is obvious that a cat often expresses contentment by purring. If you notice that your cat’s purring motor starts up as soon as you are around, this is a clear sign that your cat is happy in your presence. If this hasn’t happened yet, consider it the ultimate compliment, because cats don’t like everyone. It means that you are making your cat as happy as she is making you.

Cat likes to rub up against you – and your home.

When you notice a cat rubbing your head or brushing against your legs, it’s letting the world know that it belongs to you. The same is true when your cat starts rubbing against objects in your home, such as tables, sofas, chairs, etc. It’s her way of saying that all these things are mine, which makes me happy.

Cat wants to be seen

Many cats are naturally shy creatures, and that’s okay. But cats that are social and attract people in their home do so because they are happy, feel comfortable and feel no danger. Cats are constantly on guard because it’s in their nature. So, if your cat likes to roam quietly, it means that he is happy in his home and with his people.

Your cat likes to talk to you.

There are many sounds that cats make, and some of them can be a sign that something is wrong. For example, cat whines or meows are heard when cats are upset about something. However, if your cat likes to chirp and purr and communicates by meowing softly, this is a sign that he is comfortable in his environment and likes to interact with the people in his home.

Your cat is friendly to guests in your home.

Of course, there are cats and even cat breeds that are known for being shy. But when your cat readily and eagerly welcomes visitors who come to your home, it’s a clear sign that your cat is happy. And why is that? Well, because it means your cat is confident – and you can thank your cat training skills for that. There are many cases where a shy cat learns to come out of its shell. So consider it a job well done for helping your cat develop into a confident cat.

Your cat regularly follows you

Cats can be very affectionate when they are kittens or when they are insecure and wanting you. However, if your kitten likes to follow you around the house out of curiosity, it is probably because it feels comfortable in your presence. Cats tend to be attracted to people and things that make them feel good. Consider this sign that your cat is happy a compliment, because your cat will be happier with you than with anyone else! When you enter the kitchen now, don’t be too pushy because your cat is smart and knows there is food in there.

Your cat has a penchant for “kneading”.

We know the old wives’ tale that cats and kittens taken from their mother too soon make biscuits on people. And while there is some truth to this theory, there is a reason why your cat is “kneading” you. When a cat sits on you and starts to knead you, it does so because it is happy and feels reassured by your presence. It’s one of the ways your cat says “I love you” in his language. Want to know more? Read all about them here on Cattitude Daily.

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