No one ever thinks of getting a special kitten, but then they meet this lady

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This special black and white kitten was born with hydrocephalus (commonly known as water on the brain) and many skeletal problems.

Meeting Zeke


But everything changed when Lisa found Zeke.

Zeke was only 13 weeks old and weighed 14 ounces when Lisa saved him just in time just as he was about to be euthanized.

He was about to be euthanized.

That meant little Zeke had to get on a plane from Texas to New York.

Despite the difficulties, Zeke settled into his new home and quickly found his “crooked leg.”

“Zeke was hysterical, just like a normal kitten. Lisa wrote on Facebook.

‘He knows his name, he comes when you call him, and you can see how frustrated he gets with his two paws when he can’t do something. Its high intelligence is amazing.”

Zeke quickly bonded with the family’s other kitten, Superhero. His new sibling also has congenital hydrocephalus.

Superhero loved Zeke like a brother.

When Superhero realizes Zeke has gone where he shouldn’t have, he gently takes him back to his room or pats him with his paw.

Zeke loves his new family and new life in a loving, happy and caring home.

Update: Zeke has grown up and has beautiful eyes.

Without Lisa, he may never have found his home. His story is a great example of how love can work miracles.

Image credits: Super Hero The Hydrocephalic Cat and Zeke


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