17 cats who think they are the king and queen of the house

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Are cats really the king and queen of the house?

They always lead us to believe that they are the lord and master of the house.


If you have cats, you know what I am talking about.

We always bow down to their whims and demands and they want us to do the same!

Whether it’s taking over our beds, sleeping in our favorite flower pots, or involving the family dog in a big meal, the kitties are showing us their dominance.

And as long as we can take nice pictures and post them online, we will always allow them to do so!

So, take a look at this wonderful collection of photos by the editors of Brightside of cats acting like kings and queens.

1. mama wondered why the flowers were only half full.

2. After months of trying, I think our dog has finally accepted friendship from the cats.

3.Mr. Bigglesworth likes to put his paws on my head when I am preparing something in the kitchen.

4. rufus lies down on the cat bed that I lend to his owner every night.

5. my girlfriend gave me this nice shirt for Valentine’s Day. My cat sat on the word “Daddy” and wrote “Best Cat Ever” on the shirt.

6. when the dog runs out of water, the cat lets me know like this.

7. we just moved into our first house! I think the cat is settling in too…

8. we just got a dog. This picture sums up the cat’s feelings.

9. When I walked into the room, the cat had made himself a superhero costume.

10. I think you can sleep on the floor tonight, dog.

11. My cat thinks she is the most photogenic cat ever.

12.I just got a kitten this week. Now I know why cat owners complain that they don’t get much work done at home.

13. my cat who has the best life.

14. our neighbor’s cat comes over and “hates” us all the time.

15. our neighbor’s dog comes over and rubs up against our cat and our cat gets jealous.

16. when I got a cat, I didn’t know I had to give up my dog. By “give it up” I mean that the cat now owns the dog.

17. my cat thinks no one is home.


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