Funny Video of Cat’s Daily Attack on Postman

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Territorial dogs are the common mail carrier’s worst enemy, but this Canadian cat is teaching all canines what it really means to protect their home. Every day, this belligerent tuxedo cat knows he has a mission! While he flops vociferously behind the glass, mail carrier Debra Anderson always returns. This brave woman even says the attack cat is the best part of her day.

Anderson posted a video of her daily encounter with Jasmine, the attack cat. She says she is sure the cat wants to kill her, but she can’t help but laugh about it. She says.


‘I bet it would have ripped my face off if it wasn’t blocked by a glass window.

Jasmine seems to wait every day for the ‘clunk’ from the mailbox. As soon as she hears it, she jumps to the window to show Anderson who is boss. The glass window would be scary if it didn’t protect Jasmine, but Anderson thinks Jasmine enjoys the attention. As long as Anderson stood outside the window, the cat never stopped attacking him, and Jasmine never missed a day.

According to Anderson, the cat is scarier than any dog he has ever met, but he actually looks forward to it. There are few things in life as exciting as getting work done when a hostile cat is doing its best to get rid of you. She knew Jasmine would never hurt herself behind glass, and overall, she respected the cat’s wishes.

Anderson does not know what caused this attack cat to dislike the mail. Or maybe the cat didn’t like the mailman’s choice of sunglasses. Either way, Anderson’s relationship with the most aggressive cat on her mail route is very interesting.

I wonder if the cat feels the same way about other visitors, like the Girl Scout selling cookies or the Amazon deliveryman. For everyone’s sake, let’s hope that window remains closed forever.

by Amber King

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