Abandoned Persian cat rescued by loving family after months on the streets.

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Augustus, also known as “Gus-Gus”! He’s a handsome Persian cat in Nashville, Tennessee.


It is hard to believe that a beautiful, sweet cat like Gus Gus was on the streets for months before being rescued!

His human mother, Madeline, tells us all about him in the story below.

Love at First Sight

Augustus was the first cat I rescued from Fluff Nashville.

He is dorky and fun like Gus Gus in Cinderella, so I knew Augustus’ personality would be a good fit.

This little Persian mix was sheltered after spending three months on the streets.

I still remember his big blue eyes peering at me through his carrier when I went to pick him up.

I put my hand in to pet him and he immediately started snoring.

It was definitely love at first sight!

When we got home he smelled like litter, was very hungry and had eaten three bowls of cat food.

Foster Care Failure

For the first few weeks after we fostered him, I cried every day thinking about giving him away.

We knew he was destined to live in our home!

We already had two wonderful cats, Khaleesi and Tuggy, but I finally convinced my husband to let us keep another.

The foster home for Gus Gus was a complete failure!

But three cats was definitely the limit for the Fitzpatrick family.

Since then, my husband and I have fostered nearly 30 kittens and have yet to have a single failed attempt.

Gus What is Gus’s personality like?

There is no kitten cuter than Gus!

Every day after work, he runs down the stairs to greet me and meows all the time.

He is my shadow. Wherever I go, Gus follows.

He follows me around the house, constantly begging for attention and pets.

He loves to sleep next to me, especially on my head.

My husband adores him too, but he is definitely a good boy for his mommy.

Happy days

Gus looks big, but it’s all fluff!

He is actually quite small, weighing in at only 7 pounds.

No one knows the exact size of Gus Gus, but the vet estimates that he is about 4-6 years old.


He loves to dress up for Halloween and loves the attention and praise he gets!

I think he looks very handsome in costume.

Everyone who meets him falls in love with him immediately!

He has never met a stranger. Sweet Gus Gus is very welcoming to anyone who steps through his door.

He is very popular with visitors, vets, and cat groomers.

Gus brings so much joy and laughter into our lives and makes our little family complete.

Madeline fosters cats and kittens through FLUFF Nashville.

Want to see more of Gus Gus and Madeline’s foster kitties?

Follow them on Instagram and check out their latest adventures



Gus is certainly handsome, but remember, he is a shelter cat!

National Kitty strongly encourages the adoption of shelter cats.

If you are considering fostering a particular cat breed, please check with your local rescue before choosing a breeder.

Shelters and rescue organizations have many purebred cats in need of loving forever homes.

Even if the rescue organization does not have the breed of cat you want, they will put you on their list and let you know when they find one.

This way, you can welcome your ideal cat in the most ethical way!

Instead of shopping around, you become a foster parent.

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