A rescued kitten needs a cuddle from a friend – a dog snuggles up to help him recover.

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A rescued kitten is only half the size he should be, but he’s found a dog friend who can cuddle him.

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At the end of April, a three-week-old kitten was brought to the Jacksonville Humane Society (in Jacksonville, FL) as a stray. He was in poor health and much smaller than other kittens his age.

Caitlin, the shelter’s veterinarian, took him in. He was only half his size due to a rough start. When I first met him, he didn’t have much energy or willpower. His nose was completely crusty and full of snot, and his eyes were closed,” Caitlin told Love Meow.

She took him home and put him on antibiotics. The kitten couldn’t feed himself and had to be fed through a tube 24 hours a day.

Kaitlyn @foster.rinse.repeat

She named him Rega and he was a fighter. Over the following weeks, his eyes improved, becoming clear and full of energy. The kitten became very mischievous and just wanted to be cuddled.

As soon as his mouth was healed, he started “meowing” and making lots of comments.

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“He finally found his own voice and meowed all the time during meals,” says Caitlin.

After a few rounds of antibiotic treatment and 24/7 feedings, the little guy is finally on the right track. Progress is slow and steady, but he’s getting better every day. Whatever he needs, I’m there for him.

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A month after his rescue, Rega has broken the one-kilo barrier. He has learned to eat on his own, and has even started eating food for big cats.

“He’s crazy with joy, has developed a great friendship with my dog and tries to cuddle the cat,” says Caitlin.

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Grace the dog takes great care of all the foster dogs that come through the door. She accepts them immediately and rewards them with licks and cuddles.

When Rhaegar was introduced to his foster mother, he immediately took a liking to her and started following her around.

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“Wherever she is, he finds her, sits next to her, goes to bed with her and sleeps with her in her kennel at night,” Caitlin told Love Meow.

The kitten thinks he’s part canine, following in Grace’s footsteps and learning puppy techniques along the way.

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Grace is a sweet adoptive mom who cares for her kitten every step of the way. She makes sure the kitten is safe and runs to her if it cries.

Rega has learned to drink from a bowl like a big cat. Mom Grace is very proud.

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When the kitten has had enough of playing, she snuggles up to her best friend and purrs.

They’re completely inseparable and always cuddling.

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The kitten may be suffering from a congenital disease, which explains her slow growth. Caitlin works tirelessly to provide the medical care he needs to thrive.

Mama Grace continues to care for the kitten and make sure he is loved.

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“Rhae has become a playful and fun kitten since meeting Grace,” Caitlin told Love Meow.

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“He has blossomed over the past four months together and is stronger, more confident, kinder and more energetic than when I first met him.

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Rey is still very small, but he has a great personality, loves to cuddle and is very cuddly.

Kaitlyn @foster.rinse.repeat

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