The cat should have been euthanized, but the vet refused and saved her life.

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Misha, the cat, had been with her previous owner her entire life until she was nine years old, when things began to change.

The family was growing and Misha was getting older. They had less and less time to care for Misha, who began to have trouble urinating.


Chatons Orphelins Montréal

“Her previous owners contacted a local veterinary clinic and made an appointment, but not to treat the cat. Montreal Loves Meow Orphan Cats,” a rescue organization in Montreal, Canada, told us.

The clinic does not want to euthanize cats with treatable diseases.” They tried to convince the cat’s owner to return the cat instead of euthanizing it. She was reluctant at first, but eventually agreed.”

The staff looked after the calico cat and provided the necessary medical care. They then contacted Kittens Orphans in Montreal in hopes of finding a foster home for it.

Chatons Orphelins Montréal

“This largest cat was overweight, weighing 6.15 kg when it should have weighed around 4.5 kg. We put him on a diet plan to help him lose weight gradually.

COM volunteer Odile took him home and placed him in a foster home. They met at first sight.

When Misha was with her foster family, she quickly came out of her inner circle and found her own place on the couch.

“They knew each other at first sight. Misha became the queen of the house.”

Chatons Orphelins Montréal

“Since coming into our home, she has had no problems using the litter box. She is healthy and loves life,” COM explains.

Misha has a gentle nature and is very sweet. She follows Odile wherever he goes and is constantly asking for cuddles and attention.

Chatons Orphelins Montréal

She loves to watch human TV with her family by the window.

These little things make her a very happy cat.

Chatons Orphelins Montréal

She loves being with her humans and cuddles with them when she feels like it.

Odile wanted to adopt Misha when she found a good home, but stopped because Misha had already found her happiness.

Chatons Orphelins Montréal

Yesterday, Misha officially became a permanent member of Odile’s family.

She couldn’t be happier.

Chatons Orphelins Montréal

“It’s hard to believe that she was supposed to be euthanized and now she sleeps next to her human mom every night,” says COM.

Happiness and love!

Chatons Orphelins Montréal

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