A flower cat that has lived outside finally gets off the streets after giving birth to eight kittens

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A flower cat that has lived outdoors has finally escaped from its life on the street by giving birth to eight kittens indoors.

Angela Su


In early September, one cat was found wandering outside with three 3-month-old kittens and brought to Friends of the Oregon Animal Shelter in hopes of a better life.

While this fancy cat was outside taking care of the kittens, she realized she was pregnant with another litter. Angela Sue, a foster volunteer at the shelter, told Love Meow

A few days after being taken into care, the cat went into labor and gave birth to eight kittens away from the outside world.

Celeste and her eight demanding kittens Angela Su

The preemie kittens were immediately placed in foster homes, but the mother cat was in desperate need of foster parents who could care for her very handful of newborn kittens. Angela took in a family of nine and gave them a cozy room.

For the first time after living on the streets, a tortoiseshell cat named Celeste moved into a foster home with her kittens (Drizzle, Sunny, Breeze, Moon, Clouds, Rain, Sparkle, Storm).

A giant cuddle puddle Angela Su

‘At first she was a little nervous about living in my home. She had lived outside her whole life, so there were a lot of new things for her.” Angela tells Love Meow.

With a comfy bed, soft blankets, and an all-you-can-eat buffet, Celeste began to relax and took a liking to her foster mom. She was glad to have help, as feeding eight hungry mouths is no easy task.

The kittens keep their mom very busy Angela Su

‘Being a mother to eight kittens is a hard and tiring job, but she is a very loving mother. Celeste is very patient and keeps all the babies clean and well fed,” Angela added.

She often lies down for an hour or more to let the kittens nurse. While she takes care of the kittens, I sometimes bring her dinner or breakfast and feed her in bed”.

Celeste is so happy to get some help from her foster mom Angela Su

This adorable tortoiseshell cat has come out of her shell and seeks care because she knows she will never have to fend for herself again with her kittens.

Watch the video to see how adorable Celeste and her kittens are:

‘She now likes to gently touch my hand with her head to let me know she wants a pet. She also likes to make cookies with her paws,” Angela told Love Meow.

Angela Su

Her eight puppies are growing by leaps and bounds and getting more active every day.” They are almost three weeks old. Their eyes are opening and they are starting to walk a little.

Angela Su

Some kittens are born with short curly tails, while others carry a proud air and a pair of pipes. It didn’t take long for the little kittens to learn to make a thin hissing sound.

Kittens at this stage of life rely on their sense of smell to make sense of the world. When they smell an unfamiliar scent, they instinctively hiss.”

The sassy calico kitten Angela Su

When one of the furballs begins to purr to get Celeste’s attention, many others join the chorus of purrs, keeping Celeste busy.

Now that their legs are stronger, they are beginning to explore and see the world around them.

The kittens are getting more curious and active each day

Angela Su

As the kittens grow older, the adorable tortoiseshell cat will retire from motherhood altogether, find her own place, and become the center of attention.

After a life on the streets, Celeste is enjoying her new life as an indoor cat.

Angela Su

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