Why do cats vomit?

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Living with a cat means a better, richer life for you. For cat owners, cats are the best companions. On the other hand, living with a cat can also mean some difficulties. One of the difficulties associated with cats is cat vomiting. Finding cat vomit on the floor or furniture is certainly gross. But it can also be a little worrisome. As cat guardians, we want to give our feline friends the best care possible. Sometimes we need to ask ourselves why our cat is vomiting.

Vomiting Hairballs.


Cats are furry animals. They are also clean and tidy animals. Naturally, this combination leads to frequent grooming and bathing of the cat. Frankly, this is one of the advantages of owning a cat. Cats can almost always clean themselves! However, bathing several times a day consumes a lot of hair. The only way a cat can groom itself is by licking its fur. This occasionally results in hairballs.

It is common for cats to vomit up hairballs. This happens a little more frequently in long-haired cats. Daily grooming can help reduce vomit hairballs in cats.

Does my cat have an upset stomach?

In addition to common hairballs, cats may also have gastrointestinal problems. If you do not see hairballs in your cat’s vomit, you may need to monitor your cat closely. Sometimes cats vomit with food. This is more likely to occur if the cat’s food has recently been changed to a different brand or flavor. One thing you can do to prevent indigestion in cats is to change their food gradually. Abrupt food changes can cause your cat to vomit.why is my cat throwing up?

Check for plants and toxins.

If your cat is not vomiting because of a hairball or a new food, you may need to check for toxins. Some cats may have inadvertently found food brought in from outside. Certain types of food may cause your cat to vomit.

Do you like plants? If so, you need to make sure that the plant is not toxic to your cat before you bring it home. There are many plants and greens that are not good for cats. Unfortunately, some cats seem to be attracted to any green plant. If a cat nibbles on a poisonous plant, it may vomit. Vomiting can also cause more serious symptoms and require immediate medical attention.

There are many causes of vomiting in cats

There are many causes for cats to vomit. If your cat vomits, do not panic. Watch your cat closely for signs of a serious problem, such as loss of appetite, lack of energy, or strange behavior. Hairballs usually do not require a trip to the vet. There are other causes, such as a cat accidentally swallowing a poisonous plant or foreign object.

When it comes to hairballs in cats, it is important to know what is normal and what is not. Read Cattitude Daily to learn more about hairballs and make sure your cat is safe.

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