Why do cats like warm places?

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Cats like lots of things. They like to follow you to the bathroom. They like to climb on you or butt-bang you in the face when you least expect it. Cats like all kinds of cute sitting positions. There’s the cross-legged sit, the creeping sit, and of course the curled up sit where they curl their tails around their paws for warmth. It makes sense that hairless cats would want to stay warm. Even though their body temperature is a few degrees higher than the average hairy cat. But have you ever wondered why cats like to be warm? Read on to find out why your feline friend craves warmth!

Why Cats Love Warmth…


That adorable kitten in your living room is actually the offspring of a wild desert cat. Anyone who knows desert climates knows that once the sun goes down, the temperature drops dramatically. For cats, a sense of seeking warmth has developed in their brains in order to survive. So, in essence, warmth gives cats a sense of security. Keep in mind that cats are wary by nature and have a “fight or flight” response. Therefore, being timid by nature, they are attracted to anything that gives them a sense of security.

Check out this little cutie basking in the sun, a well-known feline hobby!

Additionally, cats love to lay on top of you because you radiate body heat, which they are happy to bask in. (Your head radiates the most body heat, so they like to sleep on it!) . . This is also the reason you often see cats cuddling with each other. Kittens can’t regulate their body temperature until they’re a few weeks old, so they just snuggle together out of warmth instinct. For feral cats, when they seek warmth, they tend to huddle together to fight off the winter cold. There are many kind people who create temporary living spaces for feral cats and install heat lamps for them and sell heated upholstered beds. Caring for feral cats is undoubtedly an act of kindness that they will appreciate and will not only feed them, but also provide them with much needed warmth.

Take care to keep your home warm.

Cats love fresh clothing. However, given their feline friends and a cat’s need for warmth, you need to pay attention to a few things in your home. In a home with cats, always check the dryer before you start doing laundry. Salt lamps are another danger. Not only are salt lamps warm, but some cats will lick them out of curiosity. One veterinarian even urged cat owners to get rid of salt lamps because one of his cat patients almost died from ingesting the salt in them.

Because cats are covered in beautiful fur, they love to snuggle up to something warm, but because of the protection of their fur, they don’t realize how hot it actually is. As explained by cat experts and the authors of The Way of the Cat,

Fur has an insulating effect, but when it comes to warmth, it can work against them. If they’re snuggled up in a warm place, they don’t realize the temperature is rising until it gets really hot, and they don’t notice until it gets really hot, thanks to their fur”.

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by Modi Ramos

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