Why do cats lick and bite my hair?

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Cats do a lot of interesting things. Sometimes it has to do with how they interact with us. My Maine Coon cat likes to sleep on my head and Ginger’s cat likes to lick my toes. Have you ever had a cat that likes to lick or bite your hair? There are several reasons why cats enjoy this odd behavior. If you are like me, you probably like to delve into the psychology of cats. Let’s explore why cats like to lick and bite your hair.

To show affection.


If we wanted our good friends to know that we think cats purr, we wouldn’t think of biting their hair, but we must remember that cats are cats. We had to dismantle their brains and figure out their purr. Experts and cat owners around the world know how cats show their love.

Your cat is smart. They may be fully aware that you are not a cat, but they may assume you are. If your cat is gentle and friendly with you, yet suddenly licks and nibbles your fur, it is their way of socializing and grooming with you. Cat bathing is not the same as an actual bath, but a friendly gesture.

Cats are known to groom to relieve stress. If a cat is stressed for any reason, it may do this type of grooming to relieve that stress.


Some cats are attracted to the smell of shampoo, conditioner, and styling products. In fact, cats may not like fruity shampoos because they cannot detect sweet tastes. Or consider where you have been and what you have been doing. If you were surrounded by scents, whether in the kitchen or in a highly scented restaurant, the cat might want to smell the scent in your hair!

Hey, chill out.

Cats are finicky creatures. But that’s part of their charm. If your cat is constantly licking and chewing your hair, it’s probably because they have chosen you as their special companion and want to show you that. Basically this is their way of showing you are their cat companion. The cat licks, chews, and brushes your fur because they have chosen you as their favorite companion. Consider yourself special! This means a lot to cats because they don’t easily let down their guard and are naturally untrustworthy.

Consider the history of cats.

If your cat goes a little overboard and tries to suck or nibble on your fur, it is a sign that it was weaned too young. You may have seen cats do this to their blankets, but some cats do it to the hair on their heads. Thankfully, my cat Pepper, who was picked up as an abandoned kitten, only sucks and nibbles on her favorite “baby” blanket and never nibbles on my blond mane.

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Morty Ramos.

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