Orange Tabby Cats – 8 Interesting Facts

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To answer the questions “Are all orange tabby cats tabby?” and “Are all orange tabby cats male?” and other frequently asked questions, we’ve compiled some facts about orange tabby cats.

Morris and Garfield are just a few of the iconic orange tabby cats that have become part of the collective consciousness of our cat culture. And it’s not hard to understand. Their broad, bold, brightly colored coats are one reason why. But as anyone who has lived with an orange tabby cat can attest, it’s their personalities that are the real stars of the show. The orange tabby cat is a charismatic cat, and here are eight interesting facts about the orange tabby cat!


1. the tiger spotted cat is not a breed, but actually a coat pattern.

Specifically, a cat with stripes is a “tiger spotted cat”. It does not refer specifically to the breed of orange cat, but to the color and pattern of the coat. There are five different configurations of tabby cats: classic tabby, mackerel tabby, spotted tabby, hooked tabby, and patched tabby.

Orange tabby cat with an “M” marking on the forehead. Photo ©elenaleonova | iStock / Getty Images.

2. All orange cats are tiger spotted cats.

Google “orange cat.” The stripes may be faint, but they do exist. In other words, all orange cats are tiger cats, but not all tiger cats are orange.

3. Are all orange tabby cats males?

While it is true that a higher percentage of orange tabby cats are male, the actual ratio is about 80% male and 20% female. It’s not magic, it’s genetics – the X chromosome determines a cat’s orange color. Females have two X chromosomes, while males have one XY chromosome. Therefore, female orange tabby cats need a sire and a dam to pass on the orange gene. While the male only needs to get the orange gene from the female cat.

4. What does the “M” in the orange tiger spotted cat stand for?

One of the most prominent markings of the orange tiger spotted cat is the “M” above the eyes. All types of tiger tabby cats have this marking, so it’s not just orange tabbies that have this cool peep mark! The predominance of tiger kitten stripes may be due to their camouflage properties, and these markings likely help them hide in the wild. Depending on the interior choices of the orange tabby cat’s parents, this may or may not be the case with modern tabby cats.

5. orange tabby cats tend to talk a lot!

According to National Geographic, personality is linked to a cat’s coat color. Who do you think is “the most social”? Of course, every cat has a different personality, but Amy West has lived with a variety of cats over the years! – ‘MotorMouth’ means Amy says: “He is the most affectionate and happy cat. When we rescued him 11 years ago, he couldn’t stop making loud purring noises that echoed through the house. He was aptly named, and even more so now: ‘Momo has been purring ever since we got him!'”

6. orange tabby cat, known as velcro cat.

Tiger is an orange tabby cat who loves to be loved. Photo courtesy of Karen Stevenson.

Every cat is unique, but orange cats have a reputation for snuggling up to people and seeking attention. MoMo, the orange tabby, not only purrs beautifully, but seeks Amy’s affection at every turn. His not-so-healthy behaviors include climbing on Amy’s pillow and scurrying around Amy’s head. It does this whether Amy is awake or not!

Karen Stevenson shares this sentiment. For 20 years, she has had a variety of companion animals in her home, including a snuggle monster who shows up when she needs affection the most. Karen says, “From the first day my husband brought Tiger home, he was the most affectionate animal.” Even after 18 years, the tiger’s nightly habit of sleeping on her head is only broken when she travels. It also likes to stare at Karen’s husband, Brett. I don’t know why he does this, but it’s one of the reasons he’s so cute!”

7. It is well known that Winston Churchill had an orange tabby cat.

The man who said “Never, never, never give up” had an orange tabby cat, which is perhaps a little too apt. Yes, Winston Churchill shared his life with an orange tabby cat named Tango. He was probably sleeping in his own bed when he came up with this famous quote.

8. Orange tabby cats are the color of appetite.

What are you saying? Color psychology undoubtedly began with Goethe. According to his writings, reddish-yellow is associated with “warmth and joy.” He also claimed that yellow-red had the highest energy (apparently, people used to panic when they saw an orange cloak on a gloomy day).

In modern knowledge, orange is the color of adventure, social communication, and appetite (Howard Johnson was on to something!) . . While it may be a bit crude to paint every orange tabby cat orange, there is indeed an anecdotal correlation between coat color and personality. I now understand why Garfield can’t resist lasagna!

So whether they want to hog the pillows so you can get up and pet them, or storm out so you can pick them up and pet them, orange tabby cats are as bright, beautiful and versatile as their coat color!

Tell us: have you owned an orange tabby cat? Did you know these facts about your orange tabby? Does your orange tabby cat like to talk? Do you own an orange tabby cat girl?

Thumbnail: Photography ©Ryhor Bruyeu | iStock / Getty Images Plus.

This post was originally published in 2018.

By Denise LeBeau , March 24, 2021

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