In shock.
Ghostbusters is a pop icon, but this little dog just doesn’t have it. Maybe it’s because he doesn’t like wearing a t-shirt, or maybe it’s because he can see the ghost standing in the corner behind his dad. Who are you going to call, not this grumpy one!

The face you make when you get through another meeting that could have been an email.
Janet in accounting is on edge again. Someone keeps leaving the toilet seat up. The copier is out of toner for the eighth time this month. We get it, little guy.

“Ugh. Daaaad!”
This little girl was trying to get the perfect picture for her grandpa. Typical dad move.

This is the look on your grandma’s face when your drunk uncle talks politics at Thanksgiving.
Get ready to dodge the mashed potatoes when he gets to the table.

Literally every student during finals week.
To be fair, most of us turn into bears when we run out of sleep.

But that little catch!
“Are you really laughing at me now, Susan? No one laughs at you when you sing ‘Karma Chameleon’ in the shower.”

Doggos may be grumpy, but we know you’re not grumpy anymore!

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