Everyone has bad days from time to time. Some of us (myself included) have FBR. If you’re not familiar with the term, it stands for “Resting (Female Dog) Face,” which is exactly what some of these grumpy dogs can suffer from.

Even when these pups seem to be having a not-so-great day, they’re still adorable. Check out these 10 grumpy dogs that still make unhappy dogs look precious!

Give in and give him the damn treat!
This guy’s underbite and icy blue eyes make him look like he’s not amused by his mother’s nonsense. Probably should have given him the milk bone when he asked for it.

Hell hath no fury as a woman scorned.
Betrayal. Deception. Broken promises of a smooth ride. She knows that all too well. That face is that of a puppy who just found out she didn’t go out for a puppaccino after all. This is going to be a sad visit to the vet!

Poop in the shoe, stat!
He’s a good boy, but he’s had enough of your shenanigans, Karen. This little guy is willing to take the blame, but he’s not amused, and you’re going to find out!

When you think about your life choices.
It’s hard to have fun “recovering” when you’re going through an existential crisis.


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