A small cat approached a visitor to the shelter and petted him, “I took it as a sign that we are made for each other”.

Arlo, a male cat, arrived at the adoption center at Bridgend’s Cat Shelter looking for a better chance at life. He was born with some birth defects. But the male tiger wouldn’t let anything stop him and just wanted to be loved.

“Arlo is an absolute treasure and has delighted the entire staff at the center,” said Sue Dobbs, director of the Bridgend Adoption Center at Cats Protection.

“He may be a little different from other cats, but he has a lot of love to give and is full of humor and mischief.”

Davy @theartfularlo

Kittens suffer from hydrocephalus (accumulation of fluid in the brain), which causes a deformation of the head.

After a thorough veterinary examination, the tiger was found to be in good health. To ensure the best possible quality of life, the staff hoped to find the perfect family for him to meet all his needs.

“Arlo is a sweet cat and deserves a happy and loving home.”

Davy @theartfularlo

At the time, Davy, a social worker for disabled children, was considering sharing his home with a feline friend.

“I live alone in a small cottage and I thought it would be ideal for an old cat. But my friends started pointing out this little special needs cat to me in messages from Cats Protection,” Davy told Love Meow.

Davy @theartfularlo

“They thought I should at least visit him to see what he was thinking. So I looked and it was Arlo”.

Davy arranged a visit to the shelter with the tiger, who had just turned one year old. Arlo was a little shy and nervous around people, but when he and Davy met, they immediately hit it off.

Davy @theartfularlo

“He came up to me and touched me a little bit, and I took that as a sign that we were compatible,” Davy told Love Meow. “From the first look, I fell in love.”

Arlo went to his new home and quickly found his favorite spot on Davy’s lap. The shy kitten began to come out of his shell and really enjoyed the cuddles.

Davy @theartfularlo

“He is still very shy and nervous and doesn’t like loud noises. But he’s very affectionate,” Davy told Love Meow. “His personality is amazing. He’s quite a character.

On his first visit to the vet after his adoption, Arlo kissed every staff member he met – he was very brave that day.

In the months that followed, the kitten really blossomed.

Davy @theartfularlo

He loves to chase his human father down the stairs or carry him to bed.

When he finds Davy’s slippers, he drags them into his basket and lies down on them.

Davy @theartfularlo

After lying down at the window to watch the fish in the aquarium, he goes directly to his human parents for a well-deserved nap and hugs.

Every morning, Davy wakes up to see his companion with his adorable purr – the perfect way to start the day.

Davy @theartfularlo

Arlo has become a beautiful cat. He loves his VIP life in the home he always wanted.

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