Saying goodbye to a loved one is one of the most difficult things in life. And not only for humans but also for members of our furry family. Losing a cat always leaves an irreplaceable hole in our hearts, no matter how many memories we have of our time together. But thankfully, there are ways to remember and honor our best friends. Most of all, we should remember them for who they were and the endless joy and love they brought into our lives.

Here are three great ways to remember and honor a deceased cat:

1. Happy Times Diary:

All deaths are tragic, whether they occur suddenly or after a long life. If your cat has died, it is important to remember and focus on the happy times you spent together. It’s only fair that you stay positive, take time to digest the loss, and cherish their memory as they deserve. Talk to other people about your cat, write down the wonderful memories you had together and, of course, keep pictures of the times you spent together outside.

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2. plant a tree in his honor

Many people think about making a donation in honor of their cat or even have a permanent ink made, but planting a tree in honor of their cat is also a great way to let their legacy live on for years to come. Choose a beautiful spot in your yard and plant a tree. Over the years, you can see this beautiful tree grow big and strong. With each passing day, you will have a living legacy that you can always count on to remember your special friend.

3. A commemorative bracelet in the name of your cat who feeds 22 shelter cats.


We (the team) have created this page to honor the memory of our cat and to give it a real meaning. This fashionable bracelet serves as a reminder of the cat you loved and provides food for 22 shelter cats waiting to be loved. Click here to get yours.

When a cat crosses the rainbow bridge, it always takes a piece of your heart with it. We have designed a unique and symbolic bracelet to commemorate your relationship with a deceased cat. Each piece contains the following elements, all designed to honor the memory of your beloved cat:

1 “paw bead”: symbolizes the paw prints they left in your heart.
1 heart bead: symbolizes the piece of heart that was taken from you.
“22 white ceramic beads”: each bead represents a gift of food in honor of your cat. For each purchase, 22 meals will be donated to rescue centers and animal shelters through RescueBank.

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