Do you want to train your cat? Aren’t cats supposed to be independent and untrainable? If you’ve ever seen the Acrocats or caught Savitsky’s Cats on America’s Got Talent, you’ll see it differently.

Cats are actually very intelligent and easy to train, but they do not respond to the same techniques as dogs. But you can teach your cat tricks as your dog can learn them. Cats can learn to high-five, fist bump, sit, stay, jump, spin, and dance. They can position themselves, point, heel, and take an agility class. My Matisse even plays ball with his favorite spring toy.

Cats can be taught to walk on a leash and venture out safely. When you take your kitten on an adventure, teach her to come when her name is called. A good reminder is a safety measure in case she gets out of her harness.

Benefits of training your cat
A positive workout, whether learning to bat or using a scratcher instead of the couch, will improve your cat’s life and strengthen the bond between the two of you.

A kitten that shares rewarding activities with her caregivers will be much less prone to destructive or aggressive behavior, such as scratching furniture, biting, or over-grooming. By teaching her cat tricks, you’ll make sure she doesn’t get bored. Learning new skills will improve his physical and mental health by keeping his mind and body active.

Learning new tricks together will bring you closer. I have found that when I work with my cats on adventure techniques, trick training, or demonstrations, our relationship becomes stronger. This confidence gives the cats more confidence to try new things when I ask them to.


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