A litter of kittens arrived at the shelter for a chance at a better life. The litter is very special.

Heather Spencer, a volunteer at Simply Cats (in Boise, Idaho), showed up with a litter of kittens that needed a foster home. “My friend who runs the TNR (trap-neuter-return) program rescued 19 kittens and brought them to the shelter,” Heather tells Love Meow.

She had room in her house and immediately offered to help. One of the kittens was abnormally small compared to his peers.

The kitten’s name was Winky, and although he was about two months old, he was the size of a palm tree.

Heather @winkythedwarfcat

Heather picked him up and held him in her arms. The kitten immediately activated her whiskered motor, curled up on her shoulder, and curled up into a ball.

“She weighed only a few grams and wasn’t shy at all. For being so small, she was incredibly brave and playful. Winky loved to snuggle in my shirt or on my shoulder,” Heather told Love Meow.

Heather @winkythedwarfcat

Winky was born with dwarfism, a rare genetic mutation that gives her significantly short legs and a larger head.

She came to the rescue with breathing problems and watery eyes and was put on a special diet for chronic constipation.

Heather @winkythedwarfcat

“Her eyes also need to be cleaned several times a day because she has constant tearing. Her nasal passages are tight and she often pulls on her nose.

After many visits to the vet and lots of patience and love, Winky’s health has begun to improve.

Heather @winkythedwarfcat

Although she was always a few months behind her big brothers, little Tabby made up for her small size with an adorable personality.

When he discovered the toys, he became a ball of energy and chased them like a pro.

Heather @winkythedwarfcat

Winky is very calm and loves to spend time with Heather and her husband and sleep on their necks, her favorite activity.

From day one, she bonded with her foster parents.

When most of her siblings were adopted, Winky and her sister Griphook (who sadly passed away) had a long road ahead of them.

Heather @winkythedwarfcat

It took three months for the little bundle of joy to finally break the seven-pound barrier.

She was ready for the next chapter of her life: adoption by the family of her dreams.

Heather @winkythedwarfcat

Winky isn’t going anywhere because she’s already found her perfect home. “She loves lying on my bed and kneading my soft pink pillow and purring loudly,” Heather Love told Meow.

“Winky is officially mine. He stole my heart.”

Heather @winkythedwarfcat

Winky may be small, but he’s very strong.

Heather @winkythedwarfcat

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