Two kittens were rescued from a window well on a freezing day. They recovered with the help of caring people.

A family in Indiana heard what sounded like a cat meowing on a Saturday, and it lasted until late in the evening. After investigating, they followed the cries into their basement and discovered a feral mother cat and her kittens in the window well. The family immediately contacted Catsnip Etc, the local cat rescue service, for help.

They noticed that some of the kittens were not moving or healing, and found that four of them had died. As soon as help arrived, the cat ran away, leaving her kittens behind.

“We went directly to the window to check on the babies, not knowing what to expect. We found two of them still alive, but barely,” said to Love Meow Missy McNeal of Catnip Etc.

Catsnip Etc

The kittens were dehydrated, very cold to the touch, and had not eaten for some time. “They were barely moving, were too weak to meow, and had mouths full of dirt from starvation and sucking on the floor. We immediately cleaned their mouths as best we could and put a heating pad on them to warm them up”.

The tigers immediately cowered and consoled themselves with their own beats.

Catsnip Etc

While waiting for the kittens to reach a safe body temperature to feed, they set up a humane trap in the area, hoping that the mother cat will come back.

“She didn’t come back. I think she knew she couldn’t take care of the kittens and that they needed help,” Missy told Love Meow.

Catsnip Etc

The kittens, Wednesday and Pugsley, were transferred to the intensive care unit. They were given a small amount of karaoke syrup to help their blood sugar levels. Despite their fragility, they had difficulty swallowing the formula, drop by drop. “We told them that we will fight them as long as they want.”

For the next 24 hours, the volunteers fed them every hour, 24 hours a day. The small fighters were able to increase their food intake a little more each time.

Catsnip Etc

“I was so scared watching them at every meal and praying they were still alive,” Missy told Love Meow.

After a long day of caring, Pugsley stood up and made his first cry for food, a sign of life that everyone was waiting for: “It was the first sound they had enough energy to make. At that moment, we became optimistic about their ability to survive this ordeal.

Catsnip Etc

The two kissed each other when they were first found, and continued to be each other’s top cheerleader during their recovery.

In the days that followed, the brothers made great progress and began to blossom. They started drinking like champions and developed a full and healthy belly.

Catsnip Etc

“Wednesday” and “Pugsley” were determined to survive. They seem to have a bond and are always cuddling and touching each other,” Missy shared with Love Meow.

“Without that and without their willingness to fight, they wouldn’t have made it. They helped each other survive until help arrived.

Catsnip Etc

The feline siblings have been together for two weeks now. They are becoming incredibly active and are very curious about everything around them. With their eyes wide open, they can’t wait to use their little paws to explore the surroundings of the nest.

They are still very small for their age but are steadily gaining weight and strength.

Catsnip Etc

“Every day we look at them and feel so lucky that they found their way to us,” Missy told Love Meow.

“I don’t know if they would have survived another hour without the surgery, but now they are healthy, happy, and love to eat and purr.

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