Each cat is special in its own way.

They all have their own unique and lovable traits, but just like us, cats are divided into different personality types.

After conducting a study of some 200 cat parents, Dr. Lauren Finka of the University of Lincoln explains that cats tend to fall into one of the five main personality types.

Dr. Finka interviewed cat parents to get a sense of their feline friends’ personalities. Her research led to the definition of the five personality types, as well as an understanding of the factors that underlie their development. It turns out that nature and nurture together influence a cat’s nature, as a cat’s personality is influenced by development, nurture, and genes.

Of course, there are variations in these personality types, but it seems that all cats fall into one of these five categories.

Which feline personality type best describes your cat?

Discover the 5 personality types of cats

1 – Human Cat

Human cats love people. These social butterflies crave human affection and love to invade your personal space at any time. Human cats love to snuggle with you and will gladly become your feline shadow. These people-loving cats will do anything to be near you.

Entertain human cats with activities you can do together. Stick toys are a great choice because you and your kitty can play together.

2 – Cat Hunters

Cats are natural-born hunters. It’s in their ancestral, wild DNA, but some cats are more inclined to hunt than others. These are the hunter cats. When they have access to the wild, these predators often come home with gifts of feathers, fur, or scales they’ve caught with their tiny paws, just for you.

Hunter cats often prefer realistic toys to practice hunting and pouncing. No ribbons or decorations for these wild animals. Cats with strong hunting instincts are happiest when they have a large space to explore, such as an outdoor cat pen. There they can watch birds fly while playing with bugs and other bold creatures that might be in a hunting cat’s territory.

3 – The Cat’s Cat

The cat’s cat finds comfort in the presence of other cats. These are the gentle cats that take care of all the other cats, always petting them and touching their noses to give them kisses. The cat likes to cuddle with other cats and probably the humans in the house.

This behavior does not occur regularly in the wild, but kittens that grow up with other cats often develop a kittenish personality. Keep these animals happy by providing activities that involve the entire feline family, such as climbing trees and motorized toys that attract the attention of all the cats.

4 – Grouch

Everyone knows a grumpy cat, and it’s often this type of personality that non-cats associate with all felines. As cats with sensitive needs, Cantankerous cats tend to get frustrated or irritated when their routine is disrupted. But that doesn’t mean these grumpy cats are always in a bad mood. They simply need their independence and distance. Grumpy cats tend to choose their humans carefully and love them with fierce loyalty. And don’t worry, grumpy cats need cuddles too. They’ll let you know when they need it.

Make sure these independent cats have plenty of opportunities to play alone. Toys they can spin when they feel like it, or even a pile of interesting stripes are good options.

5 – The curious cat

The curious cat is always getting involved in something! Curious, playful, and outgoing, these kitties are usually intelligent creatures who want to explore everything new in their environment. They can be found in bags, boxes, or hiding in a strange room that defies logic. Their curiosity drives them to be sociable, and curious cats love to meet new friends. But warn them to keep an eye on their backpacks and bags, as these curious little critters are sure to frisk them.

Treat curious animals to coolers and bags, as well as toys, such as puzzle boxes, that they can use to indulge their exploratory urges.

So, what personality types are best for your cats?

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