Walking on a leash is not a natural action for a dog. They are not born knowing that they should neither walk in front nor behind. They need to be gently taught that pulling on the leash is bad dog behavior. Dogs are excitable and love to explore new things, so teaching them good leash manners can be difficult. To teach your dog that pulling is bad behavior, you must be consistent in reprimanding him when he pulls. If you are not consistent, the dog will continue to pull because he knows that sometimes he will succeed.

Be short and gentle

Until your dog walks on leash without pulling, think of all walks as training sessions. Keep these sessions short and fun for you and your dog.

pulling and pushing – alternative exercises.

Find other ways to exercise your dog besides taking him for walks. Fetch the ball, play extensively on the rope, or just play with his friends in the park. A large part of the reason dogs pull on the leash is due to excess energy. If you tire your pup out first, you’ll have fewer problems with tugging.


Rewards, and lots of them. Use highly palatable treats that the dog won’t get otherwise. Soft treats work best because the dog can eat them quickly and the walk can be resumed quickly without you having to pull on the leash to get him to move and get him off track.

Your pace

Walk at a brisk pace. If you move at a jogging or even running pace, the dog has less time to stop and sniff the roses (or mark his territory).


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