There are times when it very well may be useful to urge your cat to drink more liquids.

Instances of this incorporate however are not restricted to:

  • Cats with kidney illness

These cats are more defenseless against turning out to be got dried out and this can demolish their kidney infection.

  • Cats with cat idiopathic cystitis (FIC)

Delivering bigger volumes of more weakened pee assists with forestalling backslides of this condition.

Type of water bowl

Pick a bowl from which your cat will need to drink from.

  • Analysis with the kinds of the bowl that you offer your cat
  • As a rule, cats lean toward glass, metal, and artistic dishes to plastic ones
  • Most cats lean toward a wide shallow bowl so they don’t have to put their head inside the holder to drink from it. Cats don’t generally like their bristles to contact the side of their water (or food) bowl
  • A few cats like drinking from tumblers (pick a non-delicate one if set on a high up surface
  • Fill the water bowl to the edge – cats like to drink from a full holder

Number of water bowls

Have a few water bowls with the goal that your cat doesn’t have to go far to discover one.

  • For instance, one on each level of the home so the cat doesn’t have to go up or down the stairs to discover their water
  • On the off chance that you have more than one cat, you need to give enough assets to every ‘gathering of people’ of cats – at any rate one bowl of water for every gathering of people of cats in the home

Location of water bowls

Pick a decent location for your water bowls.

  • Away from the food bowl: cats don’t really want to drink close to their food
  • Keep away from twofold dishes (one side for water and the other for food). Your cat will drink more if food and water are offered in isolated locations
  • In a peaceful location – away from entryways that are intensely utilized or particularly bustling spots

Other water supplies

Consider running water sources as certain cats like to drink from moving water.

  • Water establishments
  • Different alternatives include:
  • A trickling tap
  • A give plate or shower a modest quantity of water in it
  • Setting a ping pong ball inside a huge width bowl brimming with water – a few cats will appreciate playing with this and it can animate drinking just as assisting with making some development of the water which numerous cats like

Various kinds of water

Consider trying different things with various sorts of water – check whether your cat has an inclination. Numerous cats don’t care for vigorously fluorinated water.


  • Tap (‘spigot’) water (as long as safe for human utilization)
  • Gathered water – for instance from compartments put in your nursery
  • Numerous cats like to drink from puddles and water sources in the nursery whenever given a decision
  • Mineral water


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