About the Snowshoe Cat Breed

Snowshoe cats, known for their blue eyes and white “snowshoe” paws, act more like individuals than cats. These intelligent cats can learn acrobatics, love to be close to their family, and offer the chatty idea of the Siamese, with the warm idea of the American Shorthair.

Actual characteristics of the Snowshoe

The Snowshoe is a long, heavy, medium-sized cat with frightening blue eyes. He has an athletic build, with a tendency to be stocky for all purposes.


Blue, purple, chocolate, or seal point. Seal point refers to a pale body color tone with generally blurred boundaries, i.e. face, ears, feet, and tail. The variety’s white feet are its most distinctive feature (and the justification for the variety’s name), with the white usually extending to the bottom of the leg, giving the feet a sock or boot-like appearance.


Smooth and short.

Character and personality of the snowshoe

Level of movement


Positive points

Snowshoe thrives on social contact. Snowshoe gets along well with most people, but tends to become attached to a particular person in the home and is shy around strangers. This good-natured and clever variety is a perceptive plant.

It finds water interesting and is not afraid to get wet; it may even take a bath from time to time. The Snowshoe is not considered a growling cat, but it is anything but a quiet cat, all things considered. This variety is particularly vocal and loves to “talk”.

Points of interest

If you want a cat alone or a cat that doesn’t need much friendship, this is not the pet for you. Snowshoes are bursting with friendliness and tenderness and especially love to be touched.

This is not a cat that can handle being left alone for extended periods of time.

Care of the Snowshoe

Ideal daily environment

Snowshoe cats don’t need any special consideration, except that they do best in the company of their loved ones, that is, partner cats and dogs.

Exceptional conditions

This is a phenomenal cat for a family, but a poor taker. He is happiest when not left alone for extended periods of time.

Snowshoe Welfare

Snowshoe cats have no known congenital or hereditary conditions, although they may squint, like some Siamese, or have a curly tail.


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