Instructions to add difficulties

Adding advancement to taking care of time is a good time for most cats. The more practice your cat gets, the better she will get at “chasing” for her food. Over the long run, you can start to grow the inquiry/puzzles you give to make them more complicated. You can likewise consolidate different boxes into puzzle constructions to make the chase more complicated.


Make certain to screen your cat as they are “chasing” for their dinner to guarantee that your cat discovers the entirety of its food and gets enough to eat.

If you have different cats, it’s by and large best to keep your cats isolated during supper time. This is particularly obvious if you are concealing nourishment for your cat to look for. This will guarantee that each cat is getting its proper serving of nourishment for every supper. It will likewise forestall struggle or tormenting between the cats as they chase for their dinners.

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