When people go to the shelter looking for a pet to adopt, they are likely to stay away from any animal that shows signs of aggression. Especially if it is a pit bull. But Manny is not that kind of person.

One day, he and his wife, Ina, decided to go to the local animal shelter to see if they could adopt another dog. They wanted a kitten to keep them company. But they had no idea if the new pitty they had at the shelter would be the right one.

With their hopes placed in him, they waited patiently to meet Pablo the pit bull.

Of all the things the couple could expect from Pablo, what happened next was none.
As Manny approached Pablo, the little pit bull uttered a powerful growl. He continued to growl until, fear having overcome him, he chewed on the sleeve of Manny’s jacket. He stuck his little teeth into it and tore it to pieces.

“I reached out my hand, she bit my coat and tore my arm to shreds, and everyone kept quiet,” Manny recalls from his first meeting with Pablo.
The big man remembers that everyone was silent after seeing the pit bull rip the sleeve off his arm. Manny knew what they were thinking.

They said, ‘Now they’ll never take the dog,'” he says.

It’s true that most people would leave the shelter immediately if they saw a pit bull behave like that. Most people would be at least a little afraid of the dog because of its behaviour.

Manny, however, is above the pack. He knows that dogs, like people, have diapers, and when it comes to fear, Paul’s diapers are deep. This big-hearted dog lover knew what Pablo had condemned himself to when he tried to bite him. The likelihood of the pit bull being adopted now was practically non-existent…. Unless he intervenes.

Ina and Manny knew that if they wanted this dog to go to a good home, they would have to do it themselves.
I thought, “Now I want him even more” …. I want him so badly,” Manny tells the Dodo about how he came to adopt Pablo.

Manny and Ina no doubt knew that the little pit bull was meant for them. They knew they had the patience, experience and love to help Pablo overcome all his fears.


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