A sad story has a happy ending this week. A puppy that had been thrown against a car has found his new home. The little Labrador won the hearts of so many people that a lottery had to be held to choose his new family. If that’s not a happy ending, I don’t know what is.

Dinner together saved a life
According to chieftan.com, the bizarre story began earlier this month when a man, apparently high on amphetamines for the first time, threw the innocent puppy into a car. A mother and daughter were sitting in their vehicle in Pueblo, Colorado, after running out of gas. Out of nowhere, a man dressed only in his underwear came running. The puppy ran to the roof of the car before sliding out the back window and out the trunk. The little guy screamed, but ran into the street and tried to escape.

The woman in the car quickly got out to save the puppy. She knew he was in great danger because the road was dark and his fur was completely black. She pulled him under the car and called a passerby for help. The police arrived, but the puppy was terrified and refused to get out from under the car.

Officer Keegan Verduga of the Pueblo Police Department thought quickly. He knew that most dogs can’t refuse a good treat, so he graciously shared his dinner with the little guy. Officer Verduga got down on the ground and brought the puppy to safety with a few bites of tasty food.

The puppy needed a lottery for the adopters.
The suspect was charged with animal cruelty and the puppy was taken to the Pikes Peak Region Humane Society where he was named Bob. Fortunately, little Bob is in good health! In spite of everything he went through, shelter staff said he wagged his tail and wiggled in front of anyone who showed him affection.


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