This antiquated recuperating methodology can viably address a wide scope of ailments in cats.

Needle therapy is one of the quickest developing integral treatments rehearsed on cats, and the quantity of veterinarians looking for preparation in this methodology keeps on expanding. Needle therapy is by and large all around endured by cats and can be utilized to help treat an entire range of cat medical conditions, from joint pain to urinary indications.

A touch of foundation

Needle therapy was found by the old Chinese around 5,000 years prior. They learned they could influence physiological changes, control torment, and invigorate organs or body parts by embedding needles into specific spaces of the body.

The needles are not embedded indiscriminately, yet rather into needle therapy focuses, likewise called acupoints. These acupoints are central regions that have expanded electrical obstruction. When animated, they additionally can deliver a reaction in an objective organ.

Needle therapy assists the body with mending itself. When the acupoints are invigorated by small needles, regular synthetic compounds are delivered that act halfway on the sensory system. They discharge normal painkilling substances called endorphins. They additionally animate the body’s guard framework and increment flow. Since the sensory system goes everywhere on the body, synthetic compounds delivered from one spot may influence an organ or muscle further away.

Do cats endure needle therapy?

Needle therapy isn’t excruciating or upsetting to a cat when done by a certified and experienced veterinarian. The needles are tiny – significantly more modest than the hypodermic needles used to give immunizations. There might be a gentle impression of warmth or shivering when the needle is embedded, however, it’s actually transient. There may likewise be a sensation at the prick of a needle, yet this doesn’t last when the needle is left in the acupoint. A few focuses are more touchy than others and most veterinarians will stay away from them inside and out or utilize different techniques like a low-level laser to invigorate those focuses. Most veterinary acupuncturists who practice on cats attempt to use as a couple of needles as could really be expected, utilize minuscule needles like Korean Hand Needles, or utilize a low-level laser.

What’s engaged with a treatment?

Every needle therapy treatment is individualized to every persistent. The focuses chosen, the number of needles utilized and the length of the meeting all rely upon the condition being dealt with. By and large, most patients are seen on more than one occasion per week at first, then, at that point, the quantity of medicines is eased off. Albeit a reaction might be seen after just a single treatment, four to six are typically required. The medicines last ten to 20 minutes.

What conditions would acupuncture be able to help?

Needle therapy can be utilized alongside customary veterinary medication to treat an assortment of cat conditions. We most generally treat cats with musculoskeletal, renal and gastrointestinal issues, however numerous others can be tended to, including:



Joint pain

Neurological issues

Horrendous wounds

Intervertebral plate sickness

Incendiary entrail sickness

Loss of hunger

Liver with ongoing raised proteins (support)

Persistent obstruction

Endocrine and conceptive issues

Thyroid unsettling influences

Respiratory and cardiovascular conditions



Kidney persistent inadequacy (support)

Difficult pee condition

Dermatologic issues

Hyperesthesia (going bald)


Lick granulomas

Social issues


Immunologic condition

FIV (support)


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