A kitten has arrived in her new home and is determined to seduce everyone with her adorable quirks.

Jennifer Kubba welcomed an orange kitten into her loving home a month ago. The little ball of fur, which she named Cheese, immediately began to win the hearts of all family members.

One of them is Hank, a beautiful cat that Jennifer rescued when he was a newborn kitten. Cheese immediately became friendly with Hank and, after a brief liaison, began to follow her around the house.

The orange tom wanted to know everything about Hank, so he chased her and looked at her attentively with his curious eyes.

At first, Hank wasn’t sure about this stubborn kitten and reacted with a few small blows, but that didn’t deter Cheese from chasing him.

The kitten stayed close to his companion and jumped in front of him as if he wanted to get his attention. Little by little, Hank became more and more curious about this little bundle of energy, trying to understand it by sniffing it more intensely.

Cheese, the stubborn kitten, was quietly jumping on Hank’s “throne” (his favorite spot on the cat tree) just as Hank was about to retreat.

He would follow her to the windows and sit on the windowsill with Hank, insisting on copying everything Hank did.

The kitten started to grow up on Hank as she took note of being his little shadow.

“He never stopped meowing and running around. He is constantly annoying his two kitten sisters (Hank and Poppy),” Jennifer told Love Meow.

After some friendly petting and lots of sniffing and inspection, Hank decided that the kitten wasn’t so bad and began to enjoy his company.

He took the newcomer under his wing, showed her the ropes and even shared his throne with the spicy kitten.

Wherever Hank is, Cheese is always in sight.

Ever since Cheese saw Hank sleeping on the queen-size bed, the tiger girl has been making her own place.

A few days ago, Cheese approached Hank and huddled up to her for a hug. Normally, Hank would have had to get up and leave, but this time he stayed with the kitten and cuddled up with her.

“I couldn’t believe my eyes… It was a first, a surprise, and the happiest moment of the whole weekend,” says Jennifer.

Cheese is an affectionate kitten whose preferred mode of transport is the human shoulder.

This stubborn kitten has a penchant for shoulder rides and has been affectionately nicknamed the “parrot tiger”.

The bold and confident kitten approaches Aspen, the husky, and huddles in his arms demanding attention and playtime.

Another cat in the house, Poppy, wasn’t very impressed with the kitten at first, so Cheese took matters into her own hands and decided to sleep next to her.

Poppy gave in to her adorable tantrums and started sharing a bed with the kitten.

Cheese and Hank have become foolish buddies and make all kinds of pranks around the house.

They like to watch their canine brother, Aspen, play in the garden through the window and have their own private conversation.

Since Cheese arrived in his new home, he has been conquering everyone and won’t take no for an answer.

Hank is still Cheese’s best friend and they both run the house as if it were their own.

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