Have you ever wondered why cats behave the way they do? Dispel the myths and find out why.
Did you know that cats played an important role in ancient Egyptian society? They even became gods: Mafdet (goddess of justice) and Bast (goddess of war). Although these creatures are not on such a high pedestal today, there is still an aura of mystery and a special presence of cats. Their behavior is also very different from that of the other popular pet, the dog. With a little knowledge about the “nature” of cats, you will find that their behavior is not so strange.


For example, you may not know that feral cats have their own territory and are responsible for their own food, water, and safety. This autonomy and sense of self-preservation can be seen to some extent in domestic cats as well. Some people even describe cats as aloof or unfriendly for this reason.


Despite all the times you see your cat doing “cat stuff” (perhaps planning to kill the nasty dust bunny lurking in the corner), there are many times when your cat is quite sociable.


Take, for example, a cat’s sense of affection. Cats know when their owners are coming home and will often wait patiently at the front door when they arrive. Most cats will happily jump into your lap for a hug and a cuddle, while others will be content to sit next to their human companion. And some cats are also high-tech, as they love to help with any computer work, even if it usually involves sitting or walking on the keyboard.


What about their territorial instincts? Yes, we all know that cats will spray an area to “mark” it. (Obviously, this is something that is not allowed in the house, and we don’t tolerate it.) But did you know that cats rub their heads on objects and people? Just like lifting their paws and spraying, rubbing their scent on objects is another way to mark their belonging.


Now, if you have someone in the house who doesn’t like cats – I know this sounds crazy, but there are those kinds of people – you can suggest that they let the cat rub their head. Pushing the cat away will only annoy them and make your host an enemy of the cat.



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