Are you looking for the perfect name for your cat? Naming a cat can be difficult. One option that many pet owners use is to find a name that fits their cat’s personality or physical characteristics. For example, is your cat small or tiny?

Here are some ideas for cat names that are characterized as small, petite, delicate, or tiny. I hope this helps you find the perfect name for your cat.

Do you have suggestions for other characteristics or names for cats? Email us with your cat name ideas and we will try to add them to our list of cat names.

Cat names for “Small Cats

1- Binky
2- Bitsy
3- Nettles
4- Bo-Bo
5- Bones
6- Boo-Boo
7- Booty
8- Dinky
9- Dinky
10- Half Pint
11- Hot Cat
12- Itsy
13- Itsy-bitsy
14- Killer, the smallest and most fragile orange baby you’ve ever seen, was given a name to match.
15- Jelly
16- LC (pronounced Ellie for “little cat”)
17- L’il Bit
18- Lil’ Lady
19- Little bit (AKA LBA LB)
20- Little Boy
21- Little Boy
22- Little Rascal
23- Minni
24- Minnie
25- Munchkin
26- Munchy
27- Nugget
28- Peanut
29- Pebble
30- Pee-Wee
31- Poupon
32- Shorty
33- Skinny
34- Skinny Minnie
35- Smidgett
36- Spider
37- Tinky
38- Tinkerbell
39- Tiny
40- Weenie

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