Dogs always seem to know what to do under pressure. They may not always listen to basic commands, but when their humans are in danger, they don’t hesitate. Most dogs would do anything to save their master’s life, which is why dogs are man’s best friend.

Pit bull Caesar is a perfect example of a fast puppy. His mother was put in a dangerous situation, and he knew exactly what to do. Had Caesar not sprung into action, his mother might not have survived. He’s a hero and a good boy.

burglar alarm

When Susan Bandera, from Australia, woke up one night at 4 a.m., she found a man standing in her bedroom. He claimed he had attacked her and tried to strangle her. At that moment, she thought she was about to die. But then Cesar came to her aid.

Cesar recognized his mother’s cry for help, so he attacked the intruder. This drove the man away from Bandera, giving him time to escape to the bathroom. From there, he called the police for help.

Cesar bit the man several times as he fled the house in terror. He left a trail of blood that helped police find him. It turns out that his name is Peni Naiserelagi and that he already knew Bandera. He had rented a room from him some time ago, but was evicted for some unknown reason. Naiserelagi’s friends said that Bandera had kept his passport when he was evicted. It is not certain that this is the case, but it could be related to the theft.

Man’s best friend saves the day

Whatever happened between Bandera and Naiserelagi, one thing is for sure: Cesar is a hero. He immediately realized his mother was in trouble, so he did what he had to do. Bandera and his family are very thankful for the puppy because he probably saved her life that night.

“I’m very proud of him. He’s a good boy. I couldn’t be happier with the way he responded,” Bandera’s daughter Natasha said.

Naiserelagi was charged with robbery and assault with intent to kill. He tried to apply for bail, but was denied. He will appear in court on October 15.

Fortunately, Caesar has shown the world how loyal and loving a dog can be, regardless of breed. It is clear that Cesar loves his mother very much, and his brave actions have proven it. We wonder if our dogs would do the same in an emergency.

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