There are many activities that cats prefer not to participate in. At the top of the list are baths, visits to the veterinarian and taking medications. It is good to know that our fussy cats find joy in certain activities. Here are their 10 favorite activities.

1. Eating

Most cats count the seconds before they eat, and I can’t blame them. Dinner is also my favorite part of the day. Research has shown that our kittens prefer protein-rich foods to carbohydrate-rich foods. They will also prefer a small meal rich in protein to a dry food rich in carbohydrates. If you find that your cat never seems to get full, it may be time to take a look at the nutritional content of the food you have chosen.


2. Sleep

Even the most domesticated domestic cats still have something of their untamed roots. Wild cats are natural predators and the best time to hunt is from dusk to dawn. Reflecting their history as night hunters, cats sleep an average of 14 to 17 hours a day to build up energy for the hunt. As you may have noticed, they prefer to spend the day napping and coming alive when the sun goes down. Quiz: The scientific term for the most active animals at dusk is twilight.

3. Playing games

Whether you share your home with a stuffed kitten or a distinguished senior, all cats love to play. Among their favorite games are objects that imitate the appearance, movements and sounds of fleeing prey. Animal behaviourists classify the four main types of games into simulated fighting, mouse paws, bird flapping and fish scooping, all of which play a role in learning how to hunt and protect. The following compilation presents some examples of kittens exploring the four types of games. It also happens to be BEAUTIFUL.

4. Wildlife observation


A well-placed bird feeder in the garden can provide endless hours of entertainment for your cats. Even if they like to play with toys that simulate chasing, hunting and jumping, nothing beats reality. Since it is not very ecological for your cats to decimate the local bird and rodent population, consider placing a perch in the window so your indoor cats can enjoy it.

5. Stretching and scratching


There’s a reason why cats are so incredibly agile and nervous. In addition to their athletic anatomy, they also take the time to fully stretch every day. You may notice that they do a short series of yoga poses after each nap, but the actual stretching is done with their scratching machines. It is a natural instinct for cats to keep their claws clean and sharp. The next time your kitten works on her scratching post, watch the intricate series of stretches and poses she uses to stay limber.

6. Brushing


Our kittens are perhaps the cleanest pets that humans share their homes with. While long-haired, overweight or older cats may need their owners’ help to stay clean and well-groomed, most cats can keep themselves fresh. Outside of sleep, cats probably spend more time grooming than any other activity.

7. Hide


Cats like small, enclosed corners of the house for two reasons. First of all, they are perfect for hunting prey (or human feet). They also provide security in times of stress. This desire to find quiet hiding places may explain why our kittens prefer to play with boxes and bags rather than the expensive interactive toys they contain.

8. Climbing


The search for higher ground is beneficial for feral cats as it allows them to examine the terrain for possible food sources. Higher vantage points also help attract attention and protect against predators. Like lions on the rocks, our cats like to climb to the highest points in our home. Can’t find your cat? Look on the top of kitchen cabinets or the top of the refrigerator.

9. sunbathing


Kittens have far fewer heat receptors than humans. This leads them to seek out temperatures that can make us feel uncomfortable. We’ve all seen our cats cuddle luxuriously on a sunny afternoon or curl up next to the baseboard heater in the winter. But beware, their love of heat can accidentally burn them.

10. be adored by humans


Scientific studies have shown that cats are able to distinguish their owners’ voices from those of other humans. They also tend to be much louder in the presence of other cats than when they are alone in the house or with other cats. When they are in the mood, there is nothing better for our cats than to cuddle and scratch with humans.

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