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Few things are as frustrating for parents of cats as when their feline friend decides to pee out of the litter box. Not only is it a lot of extra work, but the smell of the cat pee left behind is difficult to eliminate.

Even worse, our cats can smell the slightest hint of cat pee (even if we don’t notice it), and it makes them want to pee again in the same place.

The good news is that even old stains and the smell of cat pee can be eliminated. Here are a few tips to eliminate the smell of cat pee from your home.

How to get rid of the smell of cat pee on wooden floors.

It can be particularly difficult to get rid of the cat pee smell from your floors if it’s wood, because you don’t want to use an aggressive cleaner that would damage the surface, but you need something that penetrates a little to remove the smell, especially if you have a stain that has been there for a while.

The ideal is to detect the incident in time and clean it before it happens. In this case, use a cleaner specially designed to remove pet stains and odors, such as the product below.

Simple solution: Hard floor deodorizer and stain remover is a great way to get rid of the lingering odor of cat urine and prevent your cat from returning to the scene of the crime. Simply spray it on the area where the incident occurred, wipe off the stain with a cloth and wipe off the excess.

One of the reasons why this product works so well on wooden floors is that it comes with a special nozzle that adapts the spray to your specific situation. If it is a fresh stain, a small spray will do the trick. However, for deeper stains and odours, you can change the foam setting. There is also a spray setting that allows you to target the corners of your floor.

A word of warning: most cleaning products are intended for sealed wood floors. If you do not treat your floors, many cleaning products can stain or damage them further. In some cases, sanding and re-polishing may be necessary.

How do I get rid of cat pee on the tile?

If your cat pees on a tile, your job is simple. Just clean it with your favorite all-purpose cleaner. But if it has seeped into the grout, that’s another story.

Even the sealed grout will probably need to be cleaned with an enzymatic cleaner. Don’t forget that if you don’t notice a smell, your cat won’t smell it either. Simple Solution Hard Floor Pet Stain and Odor Remover work on both tile and hardwood floors. And the “direct spray” setting makes it easy to hit sticky lines.

How to remove the cat pee smell from your carpet

If your cat pees on your carpet, the first thing to do is to absorb as much urine as possible. Use a clean cloth and blot it until most of the urine is absorbed. Be sure to apply some pressure to the cloth, especially if your carpet is thick and soft. You can also stand on the fabric to apply a little more pressure.

Then rinse the carpet with clean water and dry it with a new cloth or use a vacuum cleaner to remove the water. Avoid using a hot appliance (such as a steam cleaner), as this can set the stain.

The next step is to use an enzymatic cleaner such as Simple Solution Extreme Stain and Odor Remover. Pour a generous amount on the area to be cleaned, let it dry naturally and vacuum once dry.

If you prefer to use a carpet machine for deep cleaning, Simple Solution Urine Destroyer is approved by the Carpet and Rug Institute and can tackle deep stains and odors.

How can I get rid of the cat pee smell on furniture (like the couch!)?

The last place you want your cat to have an accident is probably the couch or bed. But if that happens, you don’t have to throw away the mattress. Cleaning furniture is a similar process to cleaning carpets. It just takes a little longer to dry because the liquid penetrates much deeper.

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