The beach is incredible, and apparently, humans aren’t the only ones who think so. A couple was enjoying the beach when they saw a kitten resting on the sand with her human. When they approached the cat, they saw that it seemed to be fainted by something and asked its owner why.

“The cat’s owner said it was the first time he had been to the beach,” said Semsema Mahmoud in his Facebook post. It turned out it was the first time the cat’s owner let him play on the beach, and he was so happy he couldn’t help but smile.

Look at those big eyes and that big smile.

Look at those big eyes and a wide smile.

via: Facebook/Travel Secrets club

her happiness was so adorable…

Her happiness was so adorable...

via: Facebook/Travel Secrets club

Let her rest on a beach chair…

Whether she was relaxing in a beach chair …

via: Facebook/Travel Secrets club

or playing in the sand – the adorable cat was happier than ever.

Or playing in the sand - the adorable cat was on thrilled beyond belief.

It is said that laughter and happiness are contagious, and we hope this is true. We certainly need it in the current state of the world.

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