A team of firefighters from Gainesville, Florida, traveled to the Bahamas to help clean up the damage caused by Hurricane Dorian. One team member had no idea he would soon be coming to the rescue of his furry future best friend.

During their visit, the firefighters witnessed miles of destruction and damage like they had never seen before. In the course of their efforts, they were led to a collapsed house where a medium-sized bulldog was trapped under piles of rubble. The Gainesville crew had to pitch in to rescue this helpless little dog.

While some firefighters helped lift the collapsed wall out of the rubble pile, another member crawled under the rubble to try to free the trapped dog. After what seemed like an eternity, the bulldog was within reach!

Minutes later, the firefighter emerged from the pile of rubble with a grateful pup in his arms. Video of the rescue shows an ecstatic fire crew and an absolutely thrilled furry friend – we see the rescued dog wagging his tail and with what appears to be a big smile on his face!

“What saved that puppy?” he asks. Our team cared for the dog at their base camp until he had to return home yesterday. At that point, the care was turned over to the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW). One of our team members is processing the pup’s official adoption and working on moving him to the United States. “Gainesville Fire Rescue Facebook page.


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