Known for its teddy bear appearance, large expressive eyes, and pretty round faces, the Exotic Shorthair is a beautiful breed of cat. Many people know the Exotic Shorthair as a short-haired version of the Persian cat, but there are many other traits that are unique. Here are 5 things that most people don’t know about the Exotic Shorthair cat breed:

1. they don’t have such short hair
The Exotic Shorthair tends to have more hair than the typical shorthair cat. Due to its incredibly lush and dense coat, the Exotic Shorthair tends to shed more hair than most cats with a similar coat. To combat hair loss, it is recommended to brush the Exotic Shorthair weekly. For Exotics with smooth hair, it is also advisable to clean the folds around the eyes and nose daily to keep them clean and healthy.

2. it is an artificial breed
The Exotic Shorthair would have been created by mixing a Persian cat with an American Shorthair. While the Exotic Shorthair has a very Persian temperament, being docile and gentle, this breed is a little more adventurous and playful due to its American Shorthair ancestry. Fun fact: The Exotic Shorthair was first named “Sterling” because of the color of its coat.

3. They have a very thick neck.
Although the Exotic is a medium-sized cat, it has an exceptionally large round head on its equally thick neck. Some even call their wide neck a “linebacker neck” because of its pronounced width. Because of this feature, these adorable cats look a lot like stuffed animals. Fun fact: The Exotic warms up easily because of its thick coat, so it prefers to sleep in cooler places to regulate its body temperature. So don’t take it personally if your Exotic doesn’t want to curl up in bed at night.

4. They tend to be the quiet type.
Like the Persian cat, the exotic is an affectionate breed that prefers to be seen rather than heard. These cats are exceptionally calm, make little use of their meows, and do not demand your attention like other affectionate breeds. Fun fact: the exotic can also bring more than one person into the house, preferring her company to that of others present. See Breed of cats that love to cuddle.

5. You are around the kitten
The round is really the best way to describe this breed. The Exotic is a strong cat with short legs and a compact body. With its round head, round body, and large round eyes, the term “round” is the best way to describe the adorable and beautiful Exotic cat. Fun fact: Garfield, everyone’s favorite big cat, would have been inspired by an Exotic Shorthair.

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