We love our dogs and want the best for them. Eco-friendly dog toys not only help maintain your dog’s good behavior, but they can also help strengthen their teeth and gums. In this article, we’ll look at how to choose eco-friendly dog toys and lead a greener lifestyle.

Being environmentally conscious with your furry best friends means that we should all consider buying eco-friendly dog products that are reduced, reused and recycled. You can also support all eco-friendly manufacturers by buying only eco-friendly products. They are good for the planet and also good for your dog’s health.

Dog toys made from recyclable materials or biodegradable options are environmentally friendly. Dogs need toys to expend their energy, prevent boredom and facilitate teething so they don’t end up chewing on your favorite shoes or furniture.

Eco-friendly dog toy brands you should consider.
Brands like Cycle Dog and SodaPup offer more than just a toy. They offer a greener lifestyle with toys that are good for the environment. Sharma Trading and Planet Dog use BPA-free materials, and Planet Dog is the founder of the Pet Sustainability Coalition. P.L.A.Y Pet Lifestyle offers safe, eco-friendly dog toys with AZO-free dyes. West Paw uses FDA-compliant plastic compounds for all of its dog toys, which are also recyclable.

A recent Packaged Facts survey of sustainable dog toys and pet care products in the U.S. adds that 40% of pet parents choose dog toys based on whether their dog will like them.

Dog toys are one of the largest categories of sustainable pet products, accounting for up to 28% of the total market. However, while dog enjoyment is a key element of a popular dog toy, manufacturers stress the importance of buying an eco-friendly, non-toxic, chemical- and lead-free dog toy.

Understanding eco-friendly dog toys
When it comes to making good choices when purchasing pet products, such as dog toys, we must keep in mind that dog toys are designed for pet interaction, durability, safety, security, value, fun and sustainability.

Today, dog toys have evolved from the simplest to the most complicated, which use a variety of raw materials and processes. Dog toys must be soft on teeth, yet tough enough for dogs that chew a lot, and easy to wash.

Zogoflex (R)
One of the eco-friendly dog toy brands is West Paw Design Zogoflex toys. They are very durable and environmentally friendly. This brand uses phthalate and BPA-free Zogoflex (R).

Zogoflex (R) is a plastic-like substance that produces no waste. It is reusable and can withstand even the toughest puppy jaws during play. West Paw Designs will also replace any destroyed dog toys and offers a warranty.

Years ago, dog toys were manufactured with a one-size-fits-all approach. Today, pet parents are concerned about what goes into their dog’s mouth and the toxins and chemicals involved. For example, our social commitment to respect the planet and be socially responsible makes pet parents want to go “green” and buy dog toys that allow them to make more conscious choices. This also makes for more conscious choices when purchasing products from pet companies to ensure the quality of the toys and the safety of the raw materials used.

Sustainable dog toys are recycled, recyclable, fair trade, chemical-free, organic, compostable, and made in the U.S.A. Pet parents are demanding that product development be part of a green business, and as climate change becomes an issue, dog toy manufacturers are looking for ways to improve supply chains and save energy and waste.


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