Growing up, I had a cat named Patch. He was our dog Bonita’s best friend. They spent many years together in the garden. They slept together in the sun, hunted birds together, sat at the grill in the summer waiting for leftovers and shared the same bowl of water – Patch had his own, but preferred to share Bonita’s bowl. Patch was the runt of the litter box, but he was also a little tyrant, often getting into trouble with other cats in the neighborhood, whom he liked to bully. This is when you can see the depth of their bond.

Bonita was beside herself, worried, running around the yard screaming, desperately trying to get out like “I hear my partner in a fight! Here, let me help you! Then Patch came back victorious in the yard, with a tuft of the other cat’s fur in his mouth. Bonita ran towards him, moaning and wagging her tail, and covered him with kisses. Patch, in typical cat fashion and just after another successful fight, pushed her away, only to return a few minutes later with a loving headbutt. When Patch passed away in 2010, Bonita cried for months over his friend.

As a child, my uncle Max always reminded me that animals are very sensitive creatures that feel the same way we do. Humans don’t always see it, but they feel it very deeply, and they form strong bonds with each other, not just with humans. I will always argue with those who say otherwise, because pets feel love and sadness just like we do. So, dear animal-loving friends, get out the handkerchiefs, because this story will certainly touch you, because it is about the lasting love between dogs.

We shared a heartwarming photo of three Belgian Malinois dogs exchanging kisses as they say goodbye. Animal lovers have been touched by social media.

The photo was shared by Reddit user Rawtashk, who took a picture of his older dog, Sef, 11 years old, saying goodbye to his family. Sef was dropped off later in the day.

Rawtashk wrote, “Our oldest son is scheduled to be shot today. Somehow the other two seem to know and have been saying goodbye all morning”.

The family had previously arranged with their veterinarian to come home to euthanize Sef so that he could be surrounded by his family as he made the final leg of his journey.

In her post, she commented, “You know you have a good guy when your vet is not used to euthanizing at home but offers to come and do it for Sef”.


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