The military makes many sacrifices for their country, but their families at home also sacrifice. Family members worry about their soldiers and look forward to the day when they can finally be reunited. Furry family members also feel the sadness of their loved ones’ absence.

Murphy was skeptical and his mother’s heart was broken.
Janna Berger is a soldier who had to leave her beloved son behind for eight long months. Murphy was well cared for by his extended family, but that didn’t make it any easier. When Janna Berger returned home in November 2019, she worried that Murphy wouldn’t remember her.

As you can imagine, leaving Murphy wasn’t easy.

“I thought about Murphy every day,” Berger said. “Being away from him has been the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do.”

Murphy didn’t take it well either.

“In the first letter my mother sent me, she told me that Murphy had been waiting outside my bedroom door for me to come back every day since I left.”

Berger decided to surprise his sweet boy….. He walked slowly down the driveway as Murphy came out of the house…. She called out to him several times before he answered. He walked over as if to let his mother hug him, but quickly pulled away.


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