All over the world, dogs are absolutely shocked that quarantine orders force their favorite humans to spend most of their time at home. While we all love our dogs’ state of bliss, a puppy’s tail wagging from all the excitement may have reached its limit.

An adorable dachshund named Rolo is thrilled with the idea of spending every waking hour with his furry mother. As this constant companionship put him in a perpetual state of tail wagging, his mother Emma realized something was wrong.

One morning, she noticed that her dog’s tail, which normally stands straight, had begun to droop. Even when Rolo wagged his tail, it was as if he couldn’t lift it properly and felt some discomfort. Emma knew it was time to go to the local vet, and she couldn’t believe the diagnosis Rolo was about to receive.

“My dog was so happy that everyone went into quarantine that her tail stopped working. So we went to the vet who told us he had sprained his tail because he was wagging it too much. ”

Emma’s Twitter post

After Emma shared the news of Rolo’s sprained tail on Twitter, dog lovers from all over the world sent her their love and support for his speedy recovery from this beautiful injury. His tweet was shared over 140,000 times and even reached the stars of The Morning Show.

Rolo’s vet gave a promising prognosis and sent the duo home with pain medication to keep Rolo well. Within a week, he should regain his usual tail wagging and this strange experience should have no lasting effects.

“For those asking, he is currently on pain medication and the vet said he should be healed within a week. He’s super happy now and wags from side to side, but he’s having a hard time getting it up in the air.” – Emma’s Twitter post

Since Emma shared Rolo’s story, Rolo has gained the admiration of many fans who want to follow his road to recovery. Emma has since created an Instagram account for her furry best friend and invites you to follow his road to recovery.

We can’t wait for Rolo to get his car back, and he will certainly have a future full of excitement!

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