Does your puppy have a cough or runny nose? He may have the canine herpes virus that causes these symptoms. Most puppies are vaccinated against this virus and it’s not common to see it, but if you’ve adopted a dog from a shelter or found a litter of puppies, this could be the cause of the signs you’re seeing. If your puppy is sick, you should take him to the vet immediately because the sooner you start treating these problems, the sooner he will get better.

What is canine herpesvirus?
Canine herpesvirus is a viral infection that affects the reproductive organs of adult dogs. It affects the respiratory organs of puppies. It is often very dangerous and is usually fatal in puppies. This virus can spread very quickly between dogs and puppies, and most puppies who have the herpes virus usually die very quickly.

What are the symptoms of canine herpes virus?

Symptoms of canine herpesvirus are usually not seen until it is sometimes too late to do anything about it. In general, symptoms are rarely seen in adult dogs. The few signs we see that make us fear a dog has canine herpes virus are sudden death, recurrent kennel cough and raised sores around the genitals.

In puppies, the signs are more obvious. The most common signs that appear in puppies with canine herpes virus are

  • Weakness
  • Lethargy
  • Loss of appetite
  • Pain in the abdomen
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Bleeding

How did my dog get the canine herpes virus?

The canine herpes virus lives in your dog’s reproductive and respiratory tracts. In adult dogs, the virus is transmitted through the air and by direct contact. This can happen if your dog does any of the following to an infected dog:

  • Sneezing on your dog,
  • Coughing on your dog,
  • Touching another dog’s nose
  • Sniffing each other,
  • Licking,
  • Sexual activity

A puppy usually contracts this disease in the birth canal or through secretions from the infected mother’s nose or mouth shortly after birth. Your puppy can also easily transmit this virus to another puppy. If one puppy in your litter has canine herpes virus, it doesn’t mean that all puppies are infected. If you suspect one of your puppies has canine herpes, it’s best to isolate it from the rest of the litter.

How does my veterinarian diagnose canine herpes virus?

Your veterinarian has several ways to determine if your puppy has canine herpes virus. If your puppies die shortly after birth or are stillborn, your veterinarian can perform a necropsy to determine the cause of death. However, there are many reasons why a puppy may die prematurely. Your veterinarian will want to examine all puppies to make sure everything is okay.

Your adult dog will usually be tested for the canine herpes virus if it is used for breeding. Your dog will also be tested if your veterinarian suspects that he has a canine herpes virus. This is a simple blood test that is sent to the lab to determine if your dog has the canine herpes virus that causes these signs and symptoms. This test is usually an exposure test for the canine herpes virus and does not usually indicate an active infection. Many tests can be done to determine if this is due to an active infection or not.


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