A kitten with silver fur was found alone. A cat took him and started to raise him as if he was his own.

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Tiny but Mighty Kitten Rescue

Mellissa of Tiny but Mighty Kitten Rescue (in Cornwall, Ontario, Canada) took in a pregnant stray cat two months ago. After being in foster care for a few weeks, the cat’s belly burst and she gave birth to a beautiful litter of kittens.

Later that month, Mellissa was contacted about a small kitten found alone on a sidewalk. The kitten was extremely small and weighed only 82 grams. However, she was active and noisy, having survived until then on her own, of her own free will.

Knowing how much a mother’s love can mean to an orphan, Mellissa immediately offered to help. The plan was to introduce the kitten, Janie, to the cat’s mother, June, when she was deemed medically fit.

Tiny but Mighty Kitten Rescue

The kitten is born with a fever, which can happen when a mother is sick with a high fever or stressed during pregnancy. As a newborn, Janie needed to be fed and cared for 24 hours a day. At this age, she could not yet regulate her body temperature, so she was kept in a comfortable incubator after feeding.

When her belly was full, she would happily shake her little legs. In just three days, Janie reached 100 grams.

Tiny but Mighty Kitten Rescue

It was the meows that caught Mama June’s attention. She could see Mellissa feeding the kitten through a large window and was willing to do anything to help her. “I loved this baby so much, and he didn’t stop crying in the incubator,” said Mellissa.

Over the next few days, Janie continued to grow and gain weight. The spots on her fur began to darken, giving her an unusual color. “She was purring and rolling around to rub her belly,” said Mellissa.

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Tiny but Mighty Kitten Rescue

At the age of two weeks, the little hairball was finally ready to meet her new mother. As soon as Mama June heard her cry, she rushed in and started cleaning the baby from head to toe.

“June immediately accepted Janie as her mother as soon as I could safely introduce her,” Mellissa told Love Meow.

Tiny but Mighty Kitten Rescue

“June was allowed to lick her and clean her for about ten minutes, then she huddled around while June’s babies were suckling at the breast. It was such a sweet moment.

Janie has only known bottle-feeding. Although her new mom doesn’t bother her, she loves to cuddle her and the other kittens to make her and the other kittens feel comfortable.

Tiny but Mighty Kitten Rescue

One of June’s kittens has a penchant for her little sister. Jasmine, the most independent of the litter, was so intrigued by Janie that she spent more time with her while the other kittens teased her.

She loves to cover her little sister with licks and hugs.

Tiny but Mighty Kitten Rescue

“Jasmine is the closest to Janie, even though everyone accepted her,” Mellissa told Love Meow.

When Janie’s eyes opened, she immediately started moving, wanting to join her siblings for the party. With her new vision, as soon as Mellissa entered the room with a bottle, Janie rushed to her food source.

Tiny but Mighty Kitten Rescue

Janie is about two weeks younger than her adopted siblings, but what she lacks in size is made up for in personality.

She has figured out how to use the litter box on her own and has tried to do everything like the other kittens. “It was so nice to see little Janie looking at toys for the first time with her new siblings,” said Mellissa.

Tiny but Mighty Kitten Rescue

Janie is now four weeks old and over one kilogram. She is starting to learn to eat like a big kitten by watching Mama June and is doing well in her foster home.

“She has reached the age where she can keep up with the other kittens. When he can’t find me or his siblings, he just cries”.

Tiny but Mighty Kitten Rescue

After a difficult start in life, little Singleton has really blossomed. He is now growing by leaps and bounds and conquering the world.

Tiny but Mighty Kitten Rescue

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