Chance, Zeus and Lily were strays found near a church in Hillsborough County, Florida. When Carley Coca saw an article about them online, she knew she had to help immediately. Coca loves dogs, and even volunteered to help rescue Paw Print Hearts, so she immediately rushed to the scene to see what she could do for these poor dogs. It looked like someone had left them there.

When Coke arrived at the church, he had no trouble getting Zeus and Lily into his car. Chance, however, refused to follow her. She would not go near Coke or the car.

Coke tried to approach Chance calmly, but Chance just barked and ended up running away. It broke her heart to see him go, but she could see that he was too scared to trust a human. So she took Zeus and Lily to safety and promised Chance she would return.

Gaining Chance’s trust
The next day, Coke returned and found Chance in the same area as before. Just like their first meeting, the frightened pup wanted nothing to do with her. She expected it, so she came prepared. She brought burgers for the dog and started throwing them at him, hoping to gain his trust.

Chance was happy to eat the treats she brought him, but he still wouldn’t come near her. So Coke returned to the same place every day with treats for him. She tried everything she could to get his attention, but he always seemed scared. She even tried to take Lily with her one day to see if he would trust her, but poor Chance didn’t want any help from Coke.

But on the sixth day something else happened. When she arrived at her usual place, Coke found Chance waiting for her. Usually he would hide from her, but this time he was at the end of the alley waiting for her.

That day Chance willingly accepted the food, but he still didn’t want Coke to touch him. However, he knew he was finally making progress with him.

When day 8 arrived, Chance hurried to the car. He reached in through the window and, to his surprise, he licked it! His cock even twitched, so Coke knew he had finally gained her trust.

Chance finally let Coke fondle her, and she couldn’t help but cry with joy. She was finally able to pick him up and carry him to her car.

Chance’s new life
When Coke took a chance on her, he realized he was covered in fleas, ticks and burrs. Obviously, he had a lot of healing to do. Zeus and Lily had been placed in a foster home, but Coca didn’t think that was the right path for Chance. So she decided to place him in a foster home herself.

So far, Chance is adjusting very well to his temporary home. He gets along well with Coke’s dogs, and seems to be very comfortable with her now. But Coke is concerned that he is having trouble meeting new people.

Chance will stay with Coke for three months, because legally, Coke needs to see if he has a family yet. After those 90 days, Chance will be put up for adoption and Coke will help him find his forever family. He hopes that, in the meantime, his time with her will help him feel more comfortable with others.

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