The passing of a pet can be an incredibly dismal and upsetting time. We trust that the accompanying exhortation assists you with picking the last resting place for your cat.

Cats (alongside different sorts of pets) can be incinerated or covered. Here we clarify the choices in a touch more detail.


There are two kinds of incineration administrations accessible:

Collective incineration

This is the place where a few creatures are incinerated together. On the off chance that you pick this choice, your cat’s remains won’t be gotten back to you yet either scattered or covered at an authorized site, for example, a remembrance region in the office’s grounds. Address your vet for more data on this, or contact the crematorium straightforwardly.

Singular incineration

This is the place where creatures are separately incinerated, and you can have your cat’s remains got back to you, to scatter, cover, or keep. A pet’s remains can be scattered ashore your own; if you need to scatter somewhere else, for instance in a glade or forest region, you should contact the neighborhood authority or Climate Organization. It is illicit in the UK* for a pet’s remains to be scattered in a human graveyard, or put in a proprietor’s final resting place before internment or incineration. Nonetheless, there are some crematoriums and cemeteries that permit both human and pet incinerations and entombments, so you and your cat can stay near one another in the afterlife.

Singular incineration is more costly than shared incineration. Address your vet or the crematorium for additional subtleties.


UK law* permits pets to be covered either in the property where they last lived, or in an authorized pet graveyard. You can’t cover your cat ashore that is possessed by another person or public land if you don’t have consent to do as such. If all else fails, contact your neighborhood authority.

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