There comes a time in most apartment cats’ lives when the vet gently points out that they could use some weight loss. It happens to even the best of apartment cats.

However, that doesn’t mean that you, as your cat’s caretaker, can’t assume your share of responsibility and take action by incorporating a few simple exercise-based activities into your daily routine.

Here are some exercises your indoor cat can do to stay healthy, lose weight, or simply fight boredom.

1/5 Treat Sprints

It is a matter of trust and dedication when a cat eats treats from your hand. However, if it is an apartment cat that needs to lose some weight, it is best to convert the treatment time into cardio time.

Find the longest place in your house or apartment and push the treats across the floor as far as possible. Do this in order, shaking the bag in the middle to get your cat back to you. This will maximize your cat’s running distance.

Also, do some feinting by pretending to throw treats to keep her alert. Your cat may even do a few extra sprints this way.

2/5 Food Marathon

Most cats know instinctively when it’s time to feed, and they will follow you as you prepare their feast. So why not use that commitment to take them to the next level in their daily lives?

This works especially well with wet food – once you’ve put the food in the cat’s bowl, walk around the house and lure your cat to smell the food while you sneak out a little before the meal.

With my own cat, I walked around the room five times before she ate.

3/5 Change the location of their toys

We all know that cats can have a difficult relationship with their toys. However, if your cat likes to play with a certain type of ball or small toy, you can increase movement by strategically placing the toy on higher surfaces.

The back of the couch, the corner of a desk, or a chair are all good places. Not only will the cat be encouraged to jump up and grab the toy when she notices, but if she falls to the ground, your cat will have to drop down and continue the play session.

4/5 Use the levels of the cat tree

If you have a cat tree in your house, you can easily train your cat by letting him walk up and down the monster carpet while he chases and stalks his favorite toy.

This works best with toys that can be hung along the tree, such as the Dancing Cat or one of those stick toys that have fake birds or feathers on the end.

The most important thing is to get your cat up and down the cat tree as often as possible, but remember to let your cat “catch” the toy once in a while so she doesn’t lose interest.

Remember, cat trees aren’t just for sunbathing.

5/5 Using smart hacking furniture

Finally, look at the layout of your furniture and see if you can rearrange some things to create natural steps and levels for your cat to climb up and down.

It’s easy to free up space on a shelf or a shelf to create a corner for your cat to explore and leave. Use your cat’s curiosity to encourage it to move around while it explores.

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