We all pick favorites, whether we admit it or not. When it comes to dogs, they pick a favorite person and see no reason to hide it. Some may call them clingy. They just call them their own. Here are 12 signs that prove you’re one of those lucky dog moms who have a dog by their side.

Dogs give the best hugs!

N°1 – Won’t leave your side

Mom dogs want to be with their mom. Not once in a while. Not all the time. But all the time mommy love. When you go to the kitchen, she goes with you. She goes to get the mail and wants to follow us. Go to work, see point 2 below. Your furry baby is like a heart-shaped shadow that follows you wherever you go.

N°2 – He stands at the door waiting for you.

Whether you’re going to work, the grocery store, a friend’s house or the mailbox, you know exactly where to find your faithful companion. He’ll be right there at the door where he last saw his favorite face, patiently waiting to see you again.

N°3 – He favors you more than anyone else.

Affection from others is all well and good, but only to tide you over until you’re available again. Your puppy will happily curl up in an adoring lap and let himself be worked up and down. But what happens when you re-enter the room? The “other” is dropped like a bad habit and your pup quickly returns to your orbit where he belongs.

N°4 – Being by your side isn’t enough.

Your puppy wants to be near you. Not “near you.” More like “above you.” It’s not uncommon for him to sit on your lap and press his side against your chest in a vain attempt to become one.

N°5 – He has a seat at the table.

At dinner, he doesn’t just eat on the floor next to the table. He prefers to have his nose close to your knee or, if you can tolerate it, he literally sits on the table. He’ll take his bites from your plate or just take what you’re eating. bon appetit!

Feed your dog bone broth

N°6 – You are doing business with an audience.

Your puppy needs to be with you without restraint, even in the bathroom. From the day you brought him home, he affirmed an open door bathroom policy that takes years to develop in human relationships.


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